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I found the Meanings of the Oracle de la Triad, or the Oracle of the Triad. I also found out that there weren't  any available interpretations in English or any other language that I can understand. The only available language was French. I used Google Translator, because I don't speak nor understand French. I really hope I didn't misunderstand the translations. It took a few days to correct the meanings and figure them out. Kind of boring... When I am done with them, I will make free automatic readings on this blog using these cards. I am myself a bit curious about how they can be used in a reading.

Anyway. Here are the cards and the meanings: This oracle consists of 57 cards:

1 - Alpha: The first card always announces a new beginning, a fresh start. The period is not yet defined, meaning that the consultant is only at the beginning of starting a new cycle in life. You are not alone. You need to have faith. Faith is very important in this new situation. This is another chance given to the consultant. Time: The card corresponds to January. Body: Alpha refers to the head.

2 - Insulation: As the card indicates, the consultant will go through a period that is rather dark and difficult. The consultant will have to handle the tests that life imposes. He can seek help to overcome these obstacles in his path. It is perhaps time to  reflect on the situation. The card also symbolizes the month of February. For the body, Isolation refers to the intestines, nerves and stomach.

3 - Delta: The faculties of vision are highlighted. The period is stable in any field. The advisers are protected and rewarded for their efforts. No problem is apparent, the consultant is appreciated. Positive feelings are present. Delta is the month of March.

4 - Falsehood : Falsehood  is not a good omen. Treachery, deceit, hypocrisy are represented by this card. The consultant spends time in a circle of people who intentionally deceive him. It is time to sort out ones relationships and be much more suspicious. We can avoid the worst by being very vigilant. But the damage has been done in relation to trust and friendship is at risk. From a physical point of view Falsehood symbolizes the tonsils. Falsehood is the month of April.

5 - Water: Card of femininity, women and womanhood. Everything goes well, all is well managed. In case of problems this card announces an improvement. Water invites the consultant to show more feelings. From a physical point of view the water card symbolizes the womb.Water is the month of May

6 - Roots: The family is put in the spotlight. The past may resurface. The consultant may have assistance from his family, he turns to others that will help him. The foundations of the past are well constructed. From a physical point of view the Roots symbolizes the bones, joints or neck. The roots correspond to the month of June

7 - Door: The card means that change is expected. To see if the change is positive we must pay attention to surrounding cards. The consultant needs a shift in his or her life. Upsetting events. A new cycle is being born.
From a physical point of view the door symbolizes the lungs or circulation process. The Gate is the symbol of July.

8 - Nadir: This card shows a profound isolation, with consequences for the consultant's wellbeing that  is going through a very dark period. The consultant is alone with his problems. The problems are serious. The conflicts are deep. The consultant is on the verge of collapse. From a physical point of view it is a matter of the brain, genitalia. Nadir symbolizes the month of August.

9 - Wisdom: The past efforts are rewarded. The consultant is entering a period marked by harmony, stability. He is prudent. A small improvement can be made. Everything is fine now. From a physical point of view Wisdom symbolizes the feet and ankles. Wisdom symbolizes the month of September.

10 - Success Story: One of the best cards of the Oracle of the Triad announcing reward, achievement, success. All that the consultant will undertake will be successful. Health is good. The period is excellent.
Success Story symbolizes the month of October.

11 - Temptation: The card is as the name suggests negative. The consultant is on the wrong path. The rivalry and the temptations are present and they can trap the consultant. Beware of your friends, colleagues or family members. The Oracle of the Triad therefore calls for caution and suspicion. From a physical point of view the temptation symbolizes the bladder. The Temptation symbolizes the month of November.

12 - Seal: The relationships are becoming more important to the consultant. The group is present: if necessary the consultant may ask for assistance or input from various people to move forward while holding on to his own free will. New projects can emerge. It is time to think about the future. From a physical point of view the seal refers to the vascular system, nerves and ligaments. Seal refers to December and March.

13 - Penance: The consultant is entering a difficult period. He may make mistakes, lack of desire is present. Many things are simply lost. It might be time to do something to  limit the damage. We must look from another angle on how to get out of this plight. From a physical point of view Penance refers to the back, vertebrae. Penance symbolizes the month of April.

14 - Man: A man has a role to play in the life of the consultant. Whether in love or in the professional life or otherwise. From a physical point of view it refers to the heart, kidneys, gall bladder. Man refers to the month of May

15 - Love: The consultant will be guided by what he loves. His work is excellent. He loves what he does or the person with whom he is. Be careful not to be too naive, however. From a physical point of view Love leads the heart, blood system. Love symbolizes the month of June

16 - Mutation: An unexpected change may occur. We must look at the surrounding cards to see if this change is positive or not. There is less instability. But generally, the predicted positive change may in the first moments seem negative. From a physical point of view it is the legs, intestines. The mutation refers to the month of July.

17 - Energy: Instability. Many efforts are required. Financial gain may well see the day but at a certain price. The consultant is motivated, ambitious and is making sacrifices to get there despite the possible misunderstanding in his entourage. From a physical point of view, Energy represents the members, the vital energy. The energy refers to the month of August.

18 - Science: Stability is present. No problems in sight. But it may be that the consultant appears quite remote and cold compared to the feelings he feels. From a physical point of view it is a question of the psyche, memory. Science indicates the month of September.

19 - Prayer: This card represents a certain atmosphere of spirituality, tranquility, rest. The consultant is a little in his own world, he wants to go further, but must wait in order to reach the end of his project. From a physical point of view Prayer refers to the knees, and the neck. The month is October.

20 - Standard (Failure):  The consultant has made many mistakes. Because of this he pays a high price. The situation is marked by instability. The atmosphere is heavy and cumbersome. The situation as it is negative, the consultant knows it was not caused by an accident. It simply is the accumulation of his faults and mistakes.
From a physical point of view the card indicates the mouth, throat, teeth. The month is February.

21 - Benediction (Blessings): Faith is good and will have positive consequences for the future. The consultant can now implement a project close to his heart. The situation may improve if he takes advice from a third party but the advice must be professional. The period is stable, and suggests that good times are ahead. From a physical point of view the hands, kidneys and bladder are affected. The month is March.

22 - Choice: As suggested, the consultant is in an unstable period. To find a balance he will have to make a difficult choice. But it is important to make the right choice. Once the choice is made, he should not look back. Risk may be necessary. From a physical point of view the card indicates the gallbladder bile and stomach. Choice symbolizes the month of April.

23 - Peace: The consultant is entering a positive period of time. Everything goes well. The consultant is intelligent and manages his life and image. The consultant may idealize somewhat, but nothing bad comes with that. Everything goes well, there is harmony. From a physical point of view of Peace symbolizes the blood pressure, heart, lymph. Peace indicates the month of May

24 - Wealth: The consultant's life is eventful. Everything is positive in this period. Everything is flourishing in abundance. The period is conducive to money that comes unexpectedly (gains). From a physical point of view the richness symbolizes the mouth and genitals. Wealth is connected to the month of June

25 - Women's:A woman has a role to play in the life of the consultant. From a physical point of view the card is necessarily related to womanhood: menstruation, breasts, uterus ...Woman is the month of July.

26 - Test: Sacrifices are about to be made. Perhaps there is a blockage, causing the delay in the project of the consultant. There are no free lunches. With this card  we know that there are major obstacles to be overcome. It will take strength, determination and courage to do that. The rewards are not immediate. The difficulties may be unforeseen. Through this card, the consultant grows up, reaches maturity. Lessons are learned through suffering. From a physical point of view the test refers of the intestines, circulation, digestion.
The test indicates the month of August.

27 - Doubt: the consultant is in a bad situation. He doubts, feelings are unclear. He does not know what to do. The unstable time for the consultant does not have to endure. But it is time to reflect on the situation and why it ended up like this. Advice can be given and the consultant can it follow it or not. The consultant must change his attitude to remedy the situation. Be careful not to make an irrevocable decision. From a physical point of view, the card is a symbol of the psyche, nerves. Doubt is the month of September.

28 - Protection: The gods are with the consultant. In case of problems the card Protection symbolizes reconciliation to come. There is nothing to fear, all is well. No sector of life is in danger. The consultant is protected. The card  represents the month of October.

29 - Elevation: Everything goes in a positive sense and brings many good things in the life of the consultant. Everything tends towards improvement and elevation in general. In case of any problems, they till be settled quickly. Do not worry. A good time for investments that will prove fruitful. From a physical point of view the Elevation symbolizes the back, spine, legs. The month is November.

30 - Forgiveness: The past surfaced. The time of quarrels and disputes is about to end. Harmony is slowly coming back into the life of the consultant. We must go beyond past mistakes to regain a healthier life. Do not stay stuck in the past. What is done is done. From a physical point of view Forgiveness is the bloodstream.
Forgiveness represents  the month of March.

31 - Order: A positive upheaval gradually looms. Romantic relationships are strengthened and can become even stronger in the future. New responsibilities may be given to the consultant. From a physical point of view Order symbolizes the lungs. The card represents the month of April.

32 - Illusion: The consultant is in a dead end. It may be that he lied or doesn't want to see reality as it is. The Oracle of the Triad advises to rely on dialogue to prevent the situation from deteriorating. The consultant will take time before returning to this complex situation. From a physical point of view Illusion is connected to the blood, brain, and sleep. The Illusion is the month of May.

33 - Birth: This card should not be interpreted literally but figuratively. A new beginning is waiting for the consultant. It can be equally positive or negative, and must be judged based on the surrounding cards. This card is probably a more sentimental or inducing another meeting or a child who wanted to could be realized.
From a physical point of view, birth symbolizes everything that relates to women: mainly uterus. Birth is the month of June.

34 - Initiation: The consultant is intelligent and looks for the perfect things in life. The partner that the consultant likes, seeks someone perfect. To win it will take time. From a physical point of view Initiation symbolizes the hands, fingers. The card refers to the month of July.

35 - Necessity: A looming upheaval comes gradually with possible consequences on the life of the consultant. Perhaps there is an unexpected problem but the consultant will take care of it alone. From a sentimental point of view the card announces a separation or a divorce. Love has been idealized for many years. From a physical point of view the card is related to the nerves, legs, circulation and respiration. Necessity is the month of August.

36 - Travel: Communication is central to the card. It may be so that a certain distance between the consultant and a person close to him is established. Beware of reckless spending. From a physical point of view the card symbolizes the  lungs, nose, stomach, uterus. The card refers to the month of September.

37 - Light:The Sun on this card symbolizes strong power. It indicates that the consultant will shine. He will be happy with what life offers him. A celebrity will arrive, or you will speak about the success that he/she has achieved. This card is another word for happiness! From a physical point of view the card represents the heart or head. The month is January or October.

38 - The Weapon: The card is about feuds, power relations, disputes leading to a violent end. Tensions are felt strongly. The situation is extremely negative. Conflicts are to be feared. Beware of consequences that can be disastrous. From a physical point of view shows the blade to the mouth and penis.The card is the month of February or November.

39 - Message: Exchanges will be made in any field. Communication happens easily. From a physical point of view the message signifies intelligence, the lungs, breathing. The month is December or March.

40 - Woe: This card can scare the consultant as soon as he sees it. The significance is even heavier. The challenges are great. A third person may have to intervene in your life, or at least it would be smart to call upon a third party. Serious problems can occur. In the couple life there may be physical abuse. It's the end of a period. From a physical point of view the Woe relates to the back bone. The month is April.

41 - Fairness:  No problems noted, quite the contrary. If the card is drawn by the consultant when he has to resolve a conflict there is nothing to fear. Everything will go back back to normal. The consultant will be recognized, listened to and valued at a fair value. From a physical point of view the card symbolizes the circulatory system. The card represents the month of May

42 - Desert: A period of Infertility . The period is dry. No aid can be provided. The consultant is alone, and has himself to face. A lack of aim, or an impasse in life makes this a difficult period. We must wait until the bad phase pases, thereafter maybe the situation may improve. From a physical point of view the desert symbolizes the skin. Desert is the month of June

43 - Key: The future evolution is favorable. The change is positive. The consultant gets what he wants, nothing can resist him. Solutions are here. From a physical point of view the key refers to the bones and to the nervous system. The key is the month of July.

44 - Lightning: Past mistakes will come back and haunt you. The problems become important. We must change attitudes. Everything, all aspects of the consultant's life come into question. This is the backlash.
From a physical point of view Lightning has to do with the spine and head. The Lightning is the month of August.

45 - Time: The consultant does not get the reward for his efforts. He has not yet reached the time of stability. He must wait before obtaining satisfaction.  From a physical point of view Time indicates the bones or digestion. Time is the month of September.

46 - Sacrifice: It is time to move to break the routine and look for a better future. Even if the sacrifices are big and the efforts even greater, it seems like the consultant's situation is not improving. From a physical point of view the card has to do with the vascular system or the heart. Sacrifice is the month of October or January.

47 - Eternity: Harmony is present. The consultant can see the larger picture. Luck is with him to help him get what he wants. The consultant may be satisfied with what he has done. In case of problems, nothing to fear, a solution will come. From a physical point of view of eternity symbolizes the spine, lungs, penis. Eternity isolates the November or February.

48 - Soul: Nothing is impossible for the consultant. But he may have neglected for some time certain areas of his life that cause him some problems. It will turn around. Keeping in mind what the consultant is seeking helps. In case of negotiations it is possible that improvement is expected. The consultant must listen. From a physical point of view the soul symbolizes the heart or circulatory system. The soul is the month of December, March or January.

49 - Opponent: Somebody can play tricks on the consultant. Deceptions and betrayal can happen behind his back and he will not notice it. Beware of black magic spells. Be careful and do not enter into a vicious circle and use black magic to return what you have received. From a physical point of view the Opponent symbolizes most usually psychiatric disorders. The Opponent represents the month of April.

50 - Papyrus: All that relates to writing: contract negotiations with successful outcomes. Improvements, good things. Security in relationships after confusion. Certain about one's feelings in love. From a physical point of view the Papyrus is the skin. Papyrus is the month of May.

51 - Return: A need of independence is felt. A possible routine sets in, the consultant will cope. A possible self-examination may be useful to discern good from evil and seek what could improve the situation positively. The consultant turns in circles. A change may occur if he takes the trouble. In case of separation of romantic partner the card thus indicates the return of the beloved. From a physical point of view the card symbolizes the genitals. The month is June or January.

52 - Silence: It may be that there is a lack of communication creating a few misunderstandings. However, if the cards surrounding Silence are positive there won't be much problems. From a physical point of view the cards represents the lips, lungs. Silence is the month of July.

53 - Meditation: The consultant is known for its values. He may wish to improve his situation. Some difficulties may occur, but nothing too serious. From a physical point of view Meditation symbolizes the respiratory system, the head and the blood system. Meditation is the month of August.

54 - Death: An upheaval is expected. Whether it be positive or negative, it will be good to watch the surrounding cards. The consultant wants to turn the page and start writing a new story. The consultant had enough of instability. He therefore seeks to amend his present. From a physical point of view is Death relates to the bones and joints in general. Death is  the month of September.

55 - Fusion: Two rings intertwined. There is talk of a collective: the consultant may use third persons to be heard. In love, the sentiments are sincere, the couple might want a baby. The environment supports the consultant. From a physical point of view Fusion symbolizes the genitals or the digestive system. Fusion is the month of October or January.

56 - Brother: There is a question of friendship or family. The consultants friends and family can help him. Projects can be established either with friends or family members. In love, watch it as it may be only the pure and simple friendship, nothing more. From a physical point of view Brother symbolizes the intestines and stomach. Brother is the November or February.

57 - Omega: This period is important to end a cycle. The consultant draws lessons from what has happened. A negative change can happen, but it will be profitable for the future. The consultant will finally find satisfaction. From a physical point of view the card indicates the brain, the head. Omega is the month of March or December.


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