Sunday, February 7, 2016

Time, Fusion and Return, Oracle de la Triade Daily Reading

Learning Oracle de la Triade from Experience
The reading for Sunday, February 7th, 2016 is....

- 45 Time, for the Sun sign - meaning that something is delayed, or that something from the past is important eagain.
- 55 Fusion, for the Rising sign - meaning a meeting, a contract, a cooperation
- 51 Return, for the Moon sign - meaning something or someone returns.

I will probably talk with someone from the past or a meeting is postponed. Because both Time and Return show up it's possible there is a huge delay.

What happened?
It is only mid-day but this morning, these cards already came into play. Somebody I have known for many years and that is also older than me, has been very rude through social media. I have reached out to this person to help but I only got insulted and this is not the first time. I decided that it's better to stay off this person's face.. maybe I make her feel worse about herself. I have noticed the same behavior towards someone else that also wanted to help her.
This is the case when Return shows up to indicate the end of a relationship.. when the relationship turns into hurtful behavior. Time shows up for people from the past, heavy stories and sometimes for older people, age differences.. Fusion it's about meetings, and relationships, of all kinds. So this is both someone i've known for years and someone that is older. 

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