Thursday, February 11, 2016

Opponent, Mutation and Man, Daily Oracle de la Triade reading

Learning Oracle de la Triade from Experience

The cards for February 11th, 2016 are Opponent, Mutation and Man.
49 Opponent: Usually an egoistical angry person, sometimes negatively influenced by others. Sometimes this card, just like the Devil in the tarot, there is a sensation of helplessness.
16 Mutation: Usually the card has to do with moving away, progress at work, moving towards one's goals.
14 Man: A man of influence in a particular situation.

Prediction: I might deal with an enemy that is slowing down my progress, but I might also move into a more positive direction from an initial depressive one or after dealing with an angry person. I could also meet a new man but because Opponent is present, I should probably be careful.

What happened: I think that somebody intentionally demolished a stone wall in the garden, maybe by kicking it, because it couldn't have happened otherwise. I also got a FB-virus during the day. So a few negative things occurred that were malicious. Maybe Opponent and Mutation can be a symbol of some type of virus.. For the wall, I think Lightning should have appeared too, but maybe Lightning shows up when things happen without intention.

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