Monday, February 15, 2016

Door, Weapon, Silence - Oracle de la Triade Reading, February 15th, 2016

Learning Oracle de la Triade through Experience
The cards for today, Febr 15th, 2016 are Door, Weapon and Silence.
7 Door is a card of new opportunities, eventually entering or leaving a relationship.
38 Weapon is a card of strife, conflict and anger
52 Silence is a card of music, and of communication problems, giving someone the silence treatment but eventually also about explaining and clarifying.

The prediction: a conflict, an enemy, eventually someone might try to harm me... Another possibility is that a conflict will end to a relationship end, or a conflict leads to silence from my side, or from the other person's side.

What happened? I had a very noisy environment all afternoon and kind of made a big deal out of it, because I needed silence to concentrate.

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