Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Daily reading: Ordeal Omega, Lie

Oracle de la Triade: Learning through experience
The cards for Febr 9th, 2016 are Ordeal, Omega and Lie. The day will not be very easy.

Ordeal: usually difficulties, problems appear constantly
Omega: finishing projects
Lie: lier, the way we lie to ourselves

Prediction: It is difficult for me to get something done or find the ultimate solution to a problem. Things will not go as I wish. The prediction is that this will be a difficult day and things will not exactly go as I wish.

What happened? Well I think Omega there put an end to some problems I had been worrying about on the other hand i did have to go to some places, some duties, I didn't care about.. I feel anyway much much better after today because of the end of worry. So I think both meaings are true. 

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