Monday, February 8, 2016

Daily Oracle de la Triade reading: Temptation, Light, Mutation

Oracle de la Triade in Practice:
For Febr 8th 2016, the cards are: Temptation, Light and Mutation.

11 Temptation for the Sun Sign; often connected to people that are egoistical, manipulative, sometimes deceitful and criminal.
37 Light for the Ascendant, often connected to happiness, clarity and celebrity.
16 Mutation, for the Moon Sign, often connected to moving on, moving away and making progress.

My prediction would be that someone's manipulative behavior will come to light? Attraction might also take place. Some progress might also happen today.

Last time Temptation showed up an old friend that was egoistical wanted help after behaving last time in a very dispicable way. Last time Light showed up I connected it to a series on TV.

What happened? Somehow a payment didn't go through with the bank last month.. and I received a notification about it.. I know that the mistake was theirs though..... I live in Spain, and I am not very good at Spanish.. but I think they kind of blame me for their mistake.. that is why Temptation shows up. I would expand Temptation all the way to corruption.
Otherwise I did get a bit more work done on a site I work on.....

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