Thursday, February 4, 2016

Daily Oracle de la Triade Reading: Travel, Key, Choice

Learning Oracle de la Triade from experience
For February 4th, the cards are Travel, Key and Choice.
Travel usually appears in connection to travel, vehicles and the Internet.
Key is about renewal, solutions, and improvement.
Choice is about indecision.

What happened? The vet couldn't come to the puppies for their vaccines because 3 of the puppies were missing. I travelled 25 km to the nearest town, I do this like once a week  or so, sometimes once every 2 weeks. When it comes to one of the internet pages i have, I did find a solution to what was wrong there.. so I have corrected some of the pages.. and there are not so many left. The indecision might have to do with the fact that I never know when all dogs are here... one came back so two are missing. It is possible someone took them with their car as well. Usually they do come back. 

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