Monday, February 1, 2016

Daily Oracle de la Triade Reading: Return, Wealth and Opponent

Learning Oracle de la Triade through experience
For February 1st, 2016 my cards were 51 Return (for sun sign), 24 Wealth (for ascendant sign) and 49 Opponent (for moon sign).

51 Return: usually tells me that somebody will return in my life.
24 Money: is usually about spending money or gaining money.
49 Opponent: an enemy, dark angry personality, sometimes dispair.

My prediction would be that someone returns into my life but also that I might be in a need of doctor because of eventual health issues. Money would be on my mind and eventually my wealth might incrrease. If a partner would return, it wouldn't be a good thing, since it would be a mistake to take him back. Finally I would think that I would have to deal with a person that is angry, and jelous, possibly manipulative.

What did happen? First of all a woman from the past that I know suddenly wrote me an email. I cut connection with her because she was very angry constantly and very manipulative. She wanted a donation, because she was in need of money but her email was extremely rude and almost threatening. I have chosen for now to ignore her and her request, because I know she's a handful. 
Otherwise I am happy with the financial situation for today at least.
I also made a bank transfer from one account to the other.

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