Saturday, February 6, 2016

Daily Oracle de la Triade Reading: Omega, Light and Blessing

Learning Oracle de la Triade through Experience
The reading is for Febr 6th 2016. Omega for the sun sign, Light for the Ascendant and Blessing for the Moon sign.
Prediction: Omega is about finishing projects, successfully I guess because of Light and Blessing probably about getting what you want, so the day should offer some satisfaction and contentment.

What happened....? Today I was indeed pretty good at getting things done. I also had a better time generally speaking and watched some films. I notice that Light as well as the Sun in the tarot cards often appear in connection to TV, film and video.
I can't think of what Blessing might mean in the context. Blessing is connected to water and it did rain a lot.. (just a thought). In the context of the films I watched, it was actually a series that I did want to see and was looking for some months ago.. and now finally I did find them and still watching.
In the context of Omega, besides getting some things done, some work done, I also did end a relationship with someone completely, Didn't feel right about it, and it's too much to explain.

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