Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Daily Oracle de la Triade Reading: Doubt, Nadir and Prayer

Learning Oracle de la Triade from Experience
Today is February 2nd, 2016 and my Oracle Cards are:
1. Doubt for the sun sign.
2. Nadir for the ascendent sign.
3. Prayer for the moon sign.

My prediction would be that something or someone makes me wonder (Doubt) and that I am a bit depressed but since a positive card follows it is not so bad. Prayer gives me hope. Prayer also means that I wish for things and that I want improvements something that can lead me to action or to talking with certain people, If I would have a boss, I would maybe ask the boss for a raise. 

What did happen? Today I am waiting for two people to call and I have not heard from them. This created a few questions in my mind. I did have a few negative thoughts. When it comes to work in general I do want to make some of the sites work better and I have done some work on them.. I do not have though high energy levels and I do not feel like I have patience. 

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