Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Daily Oracle de la Triade: Peace, Energy, Success

Learning Oracle de la Triade through Experience
The cards for February 10th, 2016 are 23 Peace, 17 Energy and 10 Success.
23 Peace is about trying to find inner balance and inner peace. It is also about harmony and sometimes about being poetic.
17 Energy is about stress and also work.
10 Success has to do with goal achievement, financial rewards and recognition.

The prediction: some success when it comes to finances bringing inner peace.
What happened? I would say that I did get some work done successfully and I found a short cut sparing me lots of time. But more things happened of course, but maybe this was the most relevant for me....And no, indeed, Peace and Energy there are telling the truth.. No stress! I also have a renovation project and I did find some alternative solutions there when it comes to building in the back of the house..

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