Friday, February 5, 2016

Daily Oracle de la Triade: Message, Success, Desert

Learning Oracle de la Triade through experience
Today February 5th, 2016, for the sun sign, 39 Message that has to do with news, chats and phonecalls, for the rising sign, 10. Success that is about recognition and success, including financial success; and for the moon sign, 42, Desert, having to do with introspection, delays, and emotional coldness. Desert also means that one struggles with something in vain.
What really happened? I was tired most of the day. I wasn't up to much, I struggled writing some articles during the day. I woke up too early but I didn't think going to sleep again was such a great idea. I am not pleased with most of the results today. I am not sure what the eventual success is about.. Maybe it's something I am not aware of or maybe the card Desert seems to suggest that the success is delayed or simply not there. In fact, Success and Desert does mean that success is delayed. Message and Success on the other hand means that there are good news regarding work.. so they might be delayed... :) It absolutely didn't happen today!

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