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Oracle de la Triade: let's go through the meanings of the cards

To get an idea about this deck and the meanings of the cards is pretty easy, yet one needs practice. Most cards are positive but there are a few cards that are pretty negative. Here are the interpretations as they make sense to me now. Not the whole meaning of each card will be revealed but it will provide you with some key words and a way to start doing your own interpretations of the cards. These interpretations are meant for readings using cards in combinations with each other, a bit like using the Lenormand cards.

1. Alpha: Something new, something that happened first, something completely new that will begin, but more cards are necessary to find out what and in what way.
2. Isolation: Delays and blockages usually. Holding back, being blocked. Isolation. Even imprisonment in some cases, as in physical isolation.
3. Delta: Usually it's a good sign, and it also shows what you suspect or others suspect about a situation. It's about clear knowing, clear vision and healing. It might also be the card of the psychic.
4. Lie: Lie is about a person with a double nature, that lies, manipulates, cons others but the cards around can tell you much more, like what the lie is about. The more negative cards around, the darker the person is. It's not so that if you ask about a person's life events it'll tell you about the character of the person, but sometimes it indicates what she/he goes through. With positive cards around this card might mean someone is lying to oneself or that the problems with the lying person around will go away.
5. Water: This card appears to indicate a mother or a daughter, sometimes a wife. It's always connected to all kinds of liquids, substances, and places where there is water. It is also a card of passivity.
6. Root: There is a family connection to this card. Sometimes, quite rarely, it might have to do with race. There is also a past connection to the card, often showing an influence from the past. It's a card that will also make connections to land, countrysides, trees, wood.
7. Door: A card of possibilities. A way out or a way in, sometimes the entrance into a new state of being. It can mean an actual Door too.
8. Nadir: Nadir is connected to night, darkness, sometimes depression. It is a negative card usually but the dot on the card also shows that somewhere is the light at the end of the tunnel.
9. Wisdom: This card is about being in the know, knowing, and even learning from experiences, and it has a connection to teaching.
10. Success: A great card showing us that you'll reach your goal. There is some type of reward in store. It can mean there is a diploma and that you do well with studies.
11. Temptation: Usually the card show us that there are temptations of course, but it's also a card connected to sexuality and betrayal in a couple. Temptation and Error might even mean that there is rape.
12. Seal: The card is about social life in general but appears usually to indicate a couple, a man and a woman. I also found out that this card can also show more specifically some type of bag, with important content, depending on the situation.
13. Penance: The card is about feeling guilty about something, it's a card of regrets and sometimes of physical abuse of some sort than one almost sees as a punishment.
14. Man: usually it indicates a man of interest or the influence of a man.
15. Love: a relationship, a friendship, warm feelings, a marriage, doing what one loves, pure feelings.
16. Mutation: Often a difficult process but movement towards a goal anyway. The process can be long, there are repetitions, but one doesn't just give up.
17. Energy: The card appears in relationship to work sometimes, but it also shows us the energy that we put into things. Might mean something mechanical, technical, tools even, stress, work. It might also have a connection to actual energy, electricity and such.
18. Science: Usually thinking a lot, being bombarded with information. It might also mean that there is real scientific explanation to something, or the mind of a scientist.
19. Prayer: Another spiritual card, of hope usually. It might show what we really hope for, and sometimes it means actual prayer, or even begging.
20. Error: Things we eat mostly, so it might show some tendency to overeating, but also connections to the original sin, sometimes bad things, bad inclinations, even doing something immoral towards another loved one. Sometimes it might appear when one person is going to go against what they claim is dearest to them, like a priest that will do something terrible even though he claims his religion is the most important in his life.
21. Blessing: This is a card of acceptance, of allowing something or someone to come into your life. Mostly a good card.
22. Choice: You have to make a difficult choice, and usually it might show that there are multiple opportunities to check out. Don't settle for the first. It shows up also in cases where there are multiple partners in a relationship and one consideres divorce or the choice of partner is tough.
23. Peace: Relief from pain, suffering, problems, inner peace, inner balance, peace of mind, finding one's peace.
24. Wealth: Always a sum of money, usually coming your way, but it depends also on cards around.
25. Woman: Most likely a woman that is important, the female querent or another woman. In some cases the card might depict other people in general, as in humanity. After all she gives birth.
26. Ordeal: A difficult time, a difficult period of time with many obstacles, tests and trials, many obstacles.
27. Doubt: The card is about wondering, about asking oneself many questions. This card will often fly out of the deck when you ask it too many questions, and a second card will tell you what you wonder about. It reassures you mostly that the deck is doing a great job, you're not giving it time. The cards around Doubt shows what one is insecure about, what one is wondering about, what one is questioning.
28. Protection: This card might have to do with the fact that one manages to get away from a problem. It can mean self-defense, but sometimes help from someone that will protect you, be it higher powers, be it another person.
29. Elevation: Things improve, you reach higher, everything is growing, on the increase. This card can also mean that someone is growing up, like a child.
30. Forgiveness: Shows usually that one will forgive someone or something. Sometimes it might also mean one is forgiven or even that the person takes responsibility for something.
31. Order: This card is not only about taking control but also about actual law and order, legislation and the legal system and shouldn't be confused with Equity or Justice that is a card of Balance.
32. Illusion: The card shows where we fool ourselves and it can also mean that one mistakes oneself because one has the wrong view on things. It might also have a connection to acting, to films, playing theater and deception, but I get the impression that this card is more about self-deception than anything else.
33. Birth: either a child or a home, sometimes it might have a connection to childhood. So if you have Woman or Water with Birth it might either mean a mother and child, or a female child. Time with Birth is rather connected to the childhood, while Elevation with Birth is rather connected to growing up. But sometimes Birth is the home. Sometimes in an interpretation, these cards can mean both. It depends.
34. Initiation: Often the beginning of studies or learning a skill. It's often a card of education and intelligence. A person with an education.
35. Necessity: The card shows what is urgent, or what one needs to do. It's also a card connected to 911 calls, the medical field, nurses, doctors or jobs within the field. The ambulance and the fire fighters.
36. Travel: Strangers, immigrants, travel abroad, long travel, boats. The card can also indicate the connection to work on boats, travel by boat or long distances, the travel industry, a vacation, sometimes separation. With cards like Water and Silence there is a definite connection to the sea or water in general. Sometimes though Travel can indicate the mode of transport simply and it can be a car.
37. Light: this is a great card meaning things will sort themselves out in the end and also that there is satisfaction and happiness and that life is good. It can also mean real electrical light, it can mean daytime, it might mean sometimes finding answers, illuminations and so on.
38. Weapon: This card is usually a card of attacks, conflicts, and actual weapons. Shows often a person with a very mean aggressive temperament.
39. Message: This card can mean a message one receives, news, be it a letter, an email, a text message, or pure insight. A witness to events. It can show us that there is a connection to a dark skinned person, it can also show us that the person is a stranger too, an immigrant (especially if Travel is around). The first meaning is though always a message or some news.
40. Suffering: A bad card that might mean sickness, pain, suffering, loss of health, loss of someone, going through pain, being abused.
41. Equity (Justice): this is a card of balance, Should not be confused with law and order. The card Order is connected to real justice. Equity is about balancing things, about reaching an agreement, about finding balance in life or within or in a relationship. It might be a card of compromises.
42. Desert: Something is in vain, leading anywhere, but it can depict a person that does not care, flat emotional life, often a bad person actually.
43. Key: it's a card of solutions and means you can find a solution to the problem, and it's a card of reassurance. But sometimes the cards around Key can give you the solution to a problem or indicate towards it.
44. Lightning: Something happens all of the sudden and sometimes the card means that something will be broken, be it a relationship, or a thing.
45. Time: this card talks about things that begun or that happened a long time ago. But it can also mean it will take a long time before something that you want happens. But the card also has a connection to timing, clocks, even weather and occupations in those fields.
46. Sacrifice: It has a connection to knives, wine, red liquids. It also shows a victim, someone being victimized and sometimes a victim mentality.
47. Eternity: This card is interesting because it's mostly a card of long term strength and stability, be it in relationships or regarding career. Yet, the card also shows us the Father, the Husband, a strong male.
48. Soul: This card is about freedom, about overcoming difficulties and also about raising above the negative, gaining the bird perspective. Sometimes this card has to do with flying too or work related to flying.
49. Opponent: A very dark card, a very hateful, deceitful, jealous person, often very calculated. He or she will hide their evil intentions and mislead you, hide their crimes maybe even in plain sight, do something horrible and turning it on you. With other bad card, this person is violent. It's important to know on the other hand, that when u ask about a person's life and this card shows up, it mostly means that the person has this type of enemy or influence in their lives. One should be very aware of context and type of question.
50. Papyrus: This card is connected to paperwork, and also the workplace itself, as well to deals and contracts.
51. Return: The cards points out someone returns in one's life, or something returns. Sometimes it shows a person that is very egoistic, stubborn, heavy in some sense.
52. Silence: This is a card of both secrets and confessions. Silence that perseveres under a long time and lack of communication.
53. Meditation: I get the sense that this card is both about knowledge, and intelligence and both about the plans that one has and their intentions.
54. Death: The card is both about physical death especially with many other dark cards around, or thoughts about death with other bad cards around, or death-situations, dangerous situations that might lead to death, sometimes even suicide or thoughts about it. But in a normal reading Death has rather to do with change.
55. Fusion: Often this card means a marriage or a pregnancy. It can depict the person one is married to, that one will get married, but this card can also mean that there is a deal or a contract and usually cards around tell more.
56. Brother: The card usually means a friendship, some type of contact, 2 people especially 2 men, a brother, a friend, and if let's say Brother appears with Water, it's probably a sister or a daughter, or a friend of the wife. The card can also show that the relationship with someone is only a friendship, and will not lead to marriage or to an official relationship, even if there is intimacy. With Seal, the card Brother means that the 2 people are a couple (a male and a female).
57. Delta:  Usually a positive card, it's a card of endings, of closure, and of starting over. Some type of success is reached, or at least some type of relief.

The cards are more complicated than this, and there are far more interpretations that are possible and a huge array of possibilities when pairing cards together. These meanings do take in account the original interpretations but ads some new meaning discovered along the way, that are pretty accurate.

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