Friday, May 1, 2015

Oracle de la Triade, creating full sentences using the cards

Using the Oracle of the Triade is fun because you can do so many things with it. You can tell a story from the cards also. It is useful to know the context sometimes, but here is an example, using the cards above. 
Let's look at a few examples with a few interpretations.

"It's time (Alpha + Time) to grow up (Elevation) and to use insights (Message) so that you can change the way you see the world (Death)."

"It begun long time ago (Alpha+Time) while growing up (Elevation) when I received a message / or news (Message) about the ending/death/change or that changed me (Death).

You can also read cards in another order: 1+5, 2+4 and lastly 3, the card in the middle. Maybe you should try it yourself.

Let's see other examples:

"Success and bliss possibilities (Light + Door) that are long lasting (Eternity) means going through tests and see them as challenges (Ordeal) that will unlock situations (key)." Or ... "That is the key (Key)."

"It was daytime (Light) and as I tried to enter the door to the building (Door+Eternity) but there was a problem (Ordeal) with the Key (Key)."

"The eternal door to happiness and success (Eternity+Door+Light) is not to fall into temptation (Nadir+Temptation)."

"The important man in my life or the married man / or my husband (Eternity) went to the door and shut down the light and it was dark thereafter (Light+Nadir) and we begun having sex (Temptation)."

One can also use 3 card spreads to create a story like the one below, an answer to a question: "What is x doing?"

The answer is "X wonders (Doubt) if you return (Return)  and break the silence. (Silence)"

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