Sunday, May 3, 2015

Horoscope May 2015

I am a little late with the horoscopes for this particular month but all that I can say it that the month is difficult and tricky. It's because Saturn and Pluto end up in oppositions with Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the sun, while all these plants square Neptune and Uranus. I'd say this type of energy can be tough. On the other hand Pluto in Capricorn will trine Mars/Sun in Taurus, so there is still some good things coming our way. Besides that - Mercury, planet of communication turns retrograde May 18th - June 11th, 2015.

Aries: You can expect problems in your close relationship, daily interaction patterns, and you experience at the same time both that you have a rebellious nature and that you have some insecurities. But you can do well at work and achieve some type of recognition there or at least you will gain more money.

Taurus: The financial situation seems difficult, you do not seem to get or receive what you want, and some of you might also have difficulties in coming to a resolution with others, because it's like everyone is their own stubborn self. Even daily communication can be tough and you have to deal with people in a smart way. The good news is that you manage to do just that! Pluto in a trine with Mars in your sign gives you both energy and ability to learn from arising situations. And you're ambitious and you make a point.

Gemini: Relationships go through some problems during this month, with Saturnus in the house of relationships opposing Mercury, your ruling planet in your own house. Since Mercury will also turn retrograde in your sign, this month is difficult when it comes to relationships and you might sometimes feel ignored or even withdrawn. Even more acute situations might happen in relationships, and even violence. On the other hand you seem also to have some money issues, but it's more about a power struggle. On the other hand you seem to grow and learn through these experiences and you gain more insight, and also health can improve. Take care of yourself simply, and look after yourself.

Cancer: Some things happening during this month are not easy to understand but there is a certain sense of hostility. You might though have also some problems in relationships, especially one of them - and the reason might indeed be competition. Some confusion might also arise in the sense that you might hear contradictory stories from different people. In the general sense though, relationships with people will improve - there is just that particular person that challenges you.

Leo: Health issue might appear for some of you during this month, headaches, but also sudden events that can be unexpected. Be careful while traveling too. Otherwise there are some issues concerning social life, having to deal with people that wish to harm you in some way because passive-aggressive tendencies are on the increase and people are unhappy with their lives. Manipulative people can also create discord in social life because of lies and manipulation. You are also easily drawn into gossip especially after the 7th of May. But the good thing is that you still work hard, and you can achieve some success and satisfaction there at least.

Virgo: Family life can create some problems for you, reaching out to other family members and even parents in some case can be difficult and at the same time there might be some challenges in social life or love life. Because of the squares to Uranus, you might react before you think, and the reaction is emotional. On the other hand you are very charming, and even if some of the closest people to you might manage to disappoint you, you are clever about the situation and you win other people on your side thanks to your charm.

Libra: Even if problems easily arise in your immediate environment you still manage to get some rest during this month. You can also feel some confusion regarding the work situation and co-workers who might communicate too well, but neither do you. A family relationship is also going through pretty bad developments since Pluto and Uranus are again disturbing family life and you can't most of the time predict other people's behaviors. Yet, it's a moment of growth for you, understanding that you need to take care of yourself and mind your own business. You can indeed withdraw but some of you might still see investment opportunities others can't see or afford.

Scorpio: Money issues can arise because you want things at all costs and you end up making bad financial decisions and you end up losing more than you thought you'd win, and therefore this is not the right time to take unnecessary action that you might regret later on. Also, dealing with people is hard, since your demands might be high and the whole thing end up in power struggle. It might simply be competition at work though, but making big decisions this month isn't wise at all.

Sagittarius: Relationships might be quite tense for some of you and you should be careful with communication barriers almost hard to destroy or overlook. Some of you simply feel unloved, others rejected, other have some bitterness inside and not even married couples or couples living together have a nice time. If the relationship was already bad, and it's getting worse, one should maybe stay away from each other until june if possible Love life can also become difficult, and family life confusing. You are not sure if you can receive the support that you really need or desire. On the other hand if you focus on work, you'll make some progress.

Capricorn: Some problems can arise now because of past events and past actions, with Saturn in the house of secrets and the past. This month can feel a bit more about Karma than previous months but you're not ready to let go exactly since you're still in a struggle with an enemy. It might start from a simple misunderstanding or some type of emotional reaction and soon enough you don't even remember how it all started, but definitely since communication is both blurry and deceitful, even family relationships seem to create some unexpected surprises. On the other hand the trine between Pluto in your sign and Mars/sun in the house of fun might help you enjoy the ride. You're pretty optimistic, charismatic and can even have some fun.

Aquarius: It's not fun anymore, not with Saturn creating oppositions to planets in your house of fun and romance. You're just tired of it all, and you have to deal with people with no sense of humor. Things look ridiculously serious and your analytical mind can understand that. On the other hand maybe your health isn't that great either and if you can rest and keep yourself to people that you trust, especially other family members things look good. Given all the hidden power systems, you just don't want to hear the negativity of others, but sometimes it's just impossible not to.

Pisces: Family life is quite boring since it's hard to have a good relationship with other family members. There are conflicts in some cases in your immediate most important relationships and you might also have some problems with authority figures even with the parents. Neptune isn't making things better and the confusion and the lies are worse towards the end of the month. Social life is often complicated and money issues play a part in the whole thing, and even scandals can arise. On the other way, you manage to mobilize others so that they can work towards your own interests. 

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