Friday, May 1, 2015

Another personality reading with Oracle de la Triade

This reading is about another person that I actually know, and I use five cards that will tell me about this person's personality, their good and bads.

1. Appearance - Elevation: Tall and thin, and also spiritual, pretty smart and eloquent. (That is actually true, that's exactly how this person is).
2. Heart - Prayer: This is a person that one can trust, because the person is faithful, lifting you up, and quite innocent in the heart).
3. Morality - Return: This means that there is a certain complexity, a certain egoism, there is secrecy and it's not always to know where you have him och her. Yet, there is a certain sensibility, and an interest in poetry, maybe writing, painting. (I have noticed this part, that's why I am doing this reading).
4. Good- Door: The person is open, spiritual, curious, and sees new possibilities with ease. Yet, sometimes the person has doubts and knows what he or she has but not what they'll get and they prefer to wait until they're pushed into a new experience.
5. Bad - Nadir: The person might sometimes have tendency towards depression. He or she might also become of victim of these thoughts and play the victim card. But the isolation will also prompt the individual to seek answers and therefore the person becomes wise.
6. Synthesis - Initiation: A spiritual and educated person, able to teach others and that never stops learning. Sometimes this person can though also become very selective.

I think that the Initiation card really sums up the rest of the reading, and indeed it feels like the reading for this person is accurate. The Initiation card sums up all the spirituality and wisdom in the person, the high level of education as the stubbornness and the sense of being a bit better than others. Yet, there is Nadir, the tendency to feel quite down at times, and maybe a victim of life's twists and turns. 

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