Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oracle de la Triade: Will he return? spread and example reading

Here is a reading for a woman that wants to know if her ex will return in her life. I am using Oracle de la Triade and a 6-cards spread.

1. Does he love her? Opponent tells us that there is some resentment, some hate, there might be a rival, maybe he is seeing someone else that is very jealous or maybe she has seen someone else while they were apart and he doesn't like that.
2. Does he want her back? Choice shows us that there is someone else in the picture and that it's a tough decision for him.
3. Will he return? Time shows us that probably this relationship is over, there is a heavy story to it as well. Most probably not.
4. Will they live together? Protection can mean that whatever his decision is, it's heavily influenced by the need for him to protect himself from failure. It might be so that there is some or there will be some intimacy between them though. But really, it's not a sign that they'll live together.
5. Will they marry? Lightning means that there is a sudden problem in their relationship, and the relationship will most certainly end, maybe quite abruptly.
6. Synthesis, sums up the reading. Temptation means that indeed he is already in another relationship and there might be some cheating so they're together but this doesn't mean he'll return for good.

Conclusion: What they might have had in the future is over and the man she wants back might still have some feelings for her, but probably he has moved on already and what they can have probably is some cheating on his current girlfriend. They will break up in the end also for good, and there is also a lot of jealousy and anger. 

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