Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oracle de la Triade: Personality Reading

This is an actual reading for someone that I want to know more about. I am interested in this person's credibility. What kind of person he is.

The card above - Papyrus (50) is the card that was flying out of the deck as I shuffled it. This guy is mostly a business oriented person in his relationships. I shouldn't confuse him for a friend.

1. Personality and looks - Light (37) - this is a sign that the person looks usually good, is well mannered, well dressed, charming, draws attention.
2. Heart - Choice (22) - probably he's a bit conflicted in his heart and regarding what he is feeling. He might have trouble choosing the right path or he chooses not to choose.
3. Morality - Opponent (49) - this isn't good. He has a dark side to him, shouldn't be trusted and can be evil, jealous, extremely aggressive.
4. The good - Woman (25) - there is probably some woman in her life that manages to soften him up. There might be a softer side to him too, maybe coming from his passivity, keeping the energy of the Opponent calm.
5. The bad - Desert (42) - he lacks emotions for people, and might have a flat emotional life.

Conclusion: This isn't a guy that should be trusted. He might be charming but he has an evil side, lack of morality, and lack of real emotions. He has a businesslike approach to people, probably because he needs them if they have something to offer him, otherwise he doesn't care. Besides that he might make mistakes, have some problems with some people at least, especially with a woman, if one would like to read some cards together to give the reading some depth. The good qualities are also used for bad purposes. It could be so that he is dating several people (women i guess) at once but doesn't really choose to choose. 

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