Friday, April 10, 2015

Free Oracle de la Triade Readings

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I love playing with synchronicities and card readings are one of my hobbies. This reading I did for the sign of Leo, at least did make sense for me, so I should write about it.

1. The overall situation of the week was Elevation, meaning dealing with a relationship that isn't about love.
2. The challenge of the week was Temptation, meaning a manipulative, lying, cheating person.
3. The unexpected was Illusion, meaning simply lies and deception.
4. The end-result was Order, meaning taking control over the situation.

My interpretation was that one indeed might have to deal with the lies of someone but that one might also mistake oneself, and if mistaken, the relationship will get stronger.

What happened was that I found out my landlady - to make a long story short - had been manipulating me during the last 5 years to pay the electricity bill for the entire house, of two apartments and one office. Since 2 yrs back or so her son had used a machine to make pottery and my electricity bill also skyrocketed. She still doesn't want to take responsibility for her actions, and continues to lie. I never thought it was her who was ripping me off, but the company that provides the electricity, since I thought I had my own reader, which is false.

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