Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tarot Reading for whole Leo - sign that made sense! Incredible (7 of pentacles + 4 of swords)

Learning Tarot from Experience

This reading is for december for Leo sign and Leo Ascendant. I am both. I was impressed with it's accuracy, and with what I could learn from it.

First week: Four of Wands, Page of Wands, Queen of Pentacles
Second week: Seven of Pents, Four of Swords, Hierophant
Third week: Three of Wands rev, Knight of Wands rev, Judgement rev
Fourth week: Two of Wands, Nine of Wands rev, Three of Pentacles

I will talk about the second week fist for the cards of Seven of Pents and Four of Swords. I was planning to meet a lady friend of mine the next week - she booked a journey to a vacation spot near by. I had lots of work to do, hoping I'd finish it during the week so I could travel the next. I got on the contrary sick, I had big stomach aches, and I had a fever. I got better, but ended up spending most of the time in bed, sleeping and recovering.

In the third week, the reverse wand cards show that I couldn't  travel. Three of Wands is about exploration and Knight of Wands, in a sense the same, about moving forward, travel, and also energy. Reversed it meant that I couldn't. And also regarding the work I did  - I didn't have much energy but felt mostly drained and pretty unenthusiastic. It created delays.

I still have to see what the third week will bring... but probably I'll work on some project, I already feel the energy of the Three of Pents.

What did I learn? 
1. That Seven of Pents is also connected with health issues. I can mean looking after oneself, after health, or a break regarding daily work and activities.
2. That Four of Swords, just as I knew meant recovery, sleep, exhaustion, lack of energy.
3. That the combination of Three of Wands and Knight of Wands reversed indicated delays at work and also inability to travel, eventual obstacles.

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