Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tarot for 2015

Check out the cards for 2015. 

Aries - Ten of Pentacles
This card predicts that Aries most likely will make more money in 2015. Usually the card appears when money is arriving.

Taurus - Three of Pentacles
Yay! Great card. You can use your skills, and start a business of your own. A new project! It will turn out to be a successful venture.

Gemini - Emperor
You encounter some obstacles and you will just have to find a way around them. It's possible something, someone is limiting you.

Cancer - Chariot
Great card, a card of victory. It's time to make things happen, sort out problems, go to war!!! Emotions are used as a source of motivation! Avoid though revenge, usually a bad cycle is created.

Leo  - Six of pentacles
Not bad at all!! This card means prosperity and generosity! You make enough money, you can share your wealth with others, or at least buy anything you need! Business is going well.

Virgo - Strength
In 2015 you will learn endurance, patience. Life isn't always fair you see, but learning to deal emotionally with difficult situations, help us grow. And now is your chance!!!

Libra - Emperor
Just like Gemini! And you are both Air Signs! Interesting enough, Osho chose to call the Emperor, the Rebel! The Emperor helps you understand how you deal with authority.

Scorpio - Two of Pentacles
I always see this card as someone that is simply fooling around. But I believe it can also mean employment and giving back what you receive. Mirroring.

Sagittarius - King of Pentacles
This is the King of anything that is material, the master of manifestation. He can be a doctor, as well as a banker, as well as the police, as well as wealth. You will probably manifest what you really want and desire in 2015.

Capricorn - Four of Wands
I think this card has to do with going back home, to your roots. It also means that you'll get any job done, any project as long as you put your mind to it.

Aquarius - Four of Swords
This card means relaxation. It's possible you need that, or that the cards tell us that you should rest more. You need your sleep.

Pisces - Four of Cups
Lots of fours!!! This card means that you are not going to be satisfied with the same old same old, especially regarding people and social situations. But who's stopping you from trying new things? You want change, you make it happen!

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