Friday, December 26, 2014

Tarot del Amor - Love Tarot - can it say anything about love life January 2015?

I have owned a deck of Tarot del Amor for a while now, even though I have not used them too often. I will try one card for each sign, for January 2015.

Aries: Marriage - the card is self-explanatory - meaning union or marriage.

Taurus: Separation - the card means you might realize you do not have anything in common with someone and therefore you feel disconnected. Possible separation.

Gemini: Seduction reversed - not good. Seduction for ulterior motives or not being able to seduce the person that you like.

Cancer: Happiness reversed - not the happiest time of the year, possibly some depression, some crushed dreams.

Leo: Family reversed - probably family goes through a crisis or you might not have too much time to spend with family and close friends because you must do other things.

Virgo: Change reversed - somewhat negative. Relationships that are problematic won't improve or worsen.

Libra: Aphrodite - a very nice card. Charm and beauty, romance and popularity.

Scorpio: Balance reversed - there is an imbalance in a relationship or you just go through a hard time and go through mood swings created by worry or other problems.

Sagittarius: The Lover - one of the lucky signs. Love is definitely in the air. You are in love or love is on its way.

Capricorn: Family - Family becomes evermore important, you might spend a lot of time at home and with your family. Could be so that another family member needs your help.

Aquarius: Romance reversed - this card is not too bad, it simply means that you're not in your most romantic mood in January.

Pisces: Aphrodite reversed - I would watch out for people who use manipulation to blind you. Be intuitive, and listen to the little voice inside. Someone you meet might seem to be too good to be true.

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