Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mercury Retrograde in the 8th House and the 9th house

Mercury was retrograde first in the 9th house beginning with March 12th and entered the 8th house later on, on March 23d. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and Gemini and it is the planet of communication. When retrograde it is supposed to create problems, delays, destroy travel plans, intrigues and misunderstandings.

The 9th house rules higher education and long distance travel.
I knew that a possible meeting with some friends could take place in March in another country and town. We had spoken about meeting the group in February. It never happened because some of the people that were supposed to gather had other things to do. We decided to meet in the end of April. A much better day to travel, since Mercury is supposed to be out of it's retro-shadow I was also admitted to a class but somehow the information came wrong. I never begun the class. When Mercury is retrograde it's not a good time to start studying anything new.

The 8th house rules intimacy and investments.
Later on, with Mercury in the 8th house, i realized that one of the people i spoke with wasn't reliable but became a burden that I couldn't trust. I ended the "friendship". The 8th house rules people that we are close to, it is the house of intimacy, but it doesn't necessarily have to do with physical intimacy but it can have to do with sharing one's stories: a deeper kind of friendship. Maybe even sharing secrets. But i also found a nice store where i made some bargains. I often find that Mercury has something to do with spending money. But when Mercury is retrograde in the 8th house I guess that the spending is smaller when making some kind of investment or purchase.  

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