Monday, March 5, 2012

Venus in Taurus

Today (march 5th 2012) Venus went into the sign of Taurus where it will stay for a while (until next month). This should be a great transit, as Jupiter is already in Taurus and Venus is the ruler of Taurus. Venus is therefore happy in the sign of Taurus.

How will this transit affect the signs?

Aries. It will affect your second house of earned income. You will have the tendency to buy finer things, but the money making opportunities will also grow. With Jupiter there, there will be nothing that will stop you from getting the money that you need and want.

Taurus. This is your sign. Your ruler in your own sign should put you in the spotlight because of your charm. Happiness and harmony returns into your life and everything seems better then it usually is. Jupiter will help you to feel lucky and to develop. Everything is easy to handle. Your confidence will also increase.

Gemini. Venus will be in the 12th house. This will expand your understanding for others and this makes you nicer. You might also have a thing for somebody, maybe in secret.

Cancer. Venus will be in the 11th house of friendships and groups. This influence will make you popular and attractive to others. Thanks to Jupiter, your social life is expanding and becoming better, Venus will bring in love and harmony between you and your friends.

Leo. Venus in the 10th house, the house of how you project yourself onto the world, will improve your image. You might even look better into the eyes of others. But you might also spend money on things that are expensive in order to develop the feeling that you are important and care about your appearance. You might develop a bigger interest in fashion and celebrities. You will also improve your career aspects, and you are willing to also, because of Jupiter in the same house.

Virgo. Venus in the 9th house might help you develop a romance through the internet or at a distance. You might find other cultures and other countries interesting. With Jupiter there, you might be interested in travel and meeting people that live all over the world. If you are pursuing an academic career, it will go extremely well.  You will be eloquent and care how you express your ideas and views.

Libra. Venus is your own ruler. It is the planet of love, harmony, money, luxury, beauty and elegance. With Venus in the 8th house, you might discover your deeper need of love, and others might discover your inner beauty. There is a chance that you might brag about the things that you own. The eight house is the house of expenses and you can invest money in luxury items. But you might also make more money as well.

Scorpio. Venus in the 7th house will definitely improve your relationships. You might also want true love and understanding in relationships and try hard to achieve it. With Jupiter there, you might have now more relationships then ever, but don't you long after a true lasting love? Even if you are in a relationship this influence can help you to deepen your feelings.

Sagittarius. Venus in the 6th house might do wonders for you in the sense that you might want to look better in your every day life. But with Jupiter there, you do have a lot of responsibility and Venus might help you get the pay off. You might improve all aspects of your work and your relationships at work will become better.

Capricorn. There will be more admirers for you now, that Venus, is in your 5th house. This means of course that you are attractive, and that is something that you already know. You might also enjoy life and having fun more then you usually do.

Aquarius. In the fourth house, Venus wants you to spend money on your home and your family. You might decide to redecorate, buy new furniture or simply better food. Jupiter, being there already expanded your home and family in many ways since the summer of 2011. Now it's time to make it work better and to share the love.

Pisces. Jupiter in the 3d house of communication, helped you to make contacts with many people since the summer of 2011. Venus there will improve your charm and your ability to convince others. You are the sensation at any gathering and you know what to say and when to say it. It's a wonderful time for you.

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