Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mercury retrograde March 12th, 2012 - April 4th, 2012

That planet of communication, that helps us talk, write, think, find some kind of emotinonal balance, and get things done, is turning retrograde in the sign of Aries on March 12th 2012. That planet is called Mercury, the closest planet to the sun which is fast moving. Of course, Mercury only turns retrograde from our perspective on earth, it can never move backwards.

When Mercury is retrograde, things get difficult. There are misunderstandings and delays. People do not keep their promises, negotiations are going slowly and it's not a good time to travel.

But there are good things about Mercury retrograde. We can think about things in the past and review them.

Aries: With Mercury retrograde in your own sign, technical problems can arise and you might not find your words. Postpone things that are important if you can, especially if you have things that are important for you to talk, discuss, think, learn, negotiate. Try if you can not to travel. Review your ideas and what you want to say before you say it.

Taurus: Mercury retrograde in your 12th house might not affect you too much, because Mecury can very well hide in the 12th house, and whatever things there are, you migh not be aware of the miscommunication going on around you. There might also be some kind of tendency with withdraw, learn, review, research.

Gemini: Mercury is your ruling planet and you might even feel the Mercury retrograde more then other people. At the same time, you might be good at dealing with it. But in the 11th house of friends, there might be misunderstandings with friends, and even people talking behind other people's backs. Other people might also be unfriendly and you might not hear from them as they won't keep their promises. But you can use this time to get back to old friends.

Cancer: Mercury is turning retrograde in your 10th house of career. If there are things that you need to get done at work, all kinds of problems might arise. If you have things that you would like to fix, it might be difficult as well. But you can use this time to review your plans and you can act when Mercury turns direct again. Avoid if you can discussions with authorities and if you misunderstand something, try again.

Leo: Mercury in the 9th house, retrograde, might create problems if you study something new. But it's okey to go back and finish learning things that you already begun learning in the past, but never got finished. You might experience setbacks if you try to travel while Mercury is retrograde as well. So avoid making any travel plans until later when Mercury turns direct again.

Virgo: Mercury will be retrograde in your 8th house. If you have made arragenments to get together with somebody to know eachother better, you might have difficulties in doing so. They might cancel meetings or you migh be misunderstood. Avoid also making major investments during this time.

Libra: Mercury retrograde in your 7th house of relationships might create problems between you and your friends, bussinses partners, and in your relationships in general. There might arise misunderstandings and differences of opinions, and you might feel that you cannot express what you feel and want in the best way possible. Avoid signing contractes and to make big decissions right now.

Scorpio: Mercury will be retrograde in your 6th house of work and health. There might arise problems at work and the technical problems arising might be difficult to fix. Misunderstandings with co-workers might also exist. It is a time to review and finish old projects and maybe get back with old co-workers.

Sagittarius: In your fifth house, Mercury retrograde might create problems in your romantic life. You might not be able to find your words when you are going out with somebody or you might even feel that there is a lack of chemistry beween the 2 of you. The fifth house rules over fun, parties, romance, creativity and children. All these areas might be affected by Mercury retrograde. People might not get your jokes or even feel insulted by them.

Capricorn: Mercury will turn retrograde in your fourth house of home and family. This means that communication problems will happen at home. There might be difficult to fix anything that you want to fix. There might be miscommunication between you and other family members. Avoid, if you can, conflicts.

Aquarius: Mercury retrograde in your 3d house will affect your communication skills. There might be difficult for you to say what you mean and you might misinterpret others. Since Mercury is the plane of communication and the third house rules communication, short travel, transport and siblings, any problems in these areas might be difficult or impossible to fix during Mercury retrograde. Watch out when you drive and avoid long distance travel.

Pisces: Mercury retrograde in your second house of earned income might mean that technical problems with the bank might arise. If you try to make transactions, there might arise difficulties. Talking money might make you put everything in the wrong way, so maybe the best thing is to avoid discussing them.

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