Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mercury conjunct Sun in the 9th house

Learning astrology from experience
Mercury is the planet of communication and the Sun is the active force. Conjunctions bring together the energy of two planets. The ninth house is the house of higher learning, education, higher thinking, travel. Mercury is retrograde now, but this was today's aspect.

Today i remembered that i had been admitted to a new class on vector graphics at an University. And I wanted to make sure that i hadn't missed anything and logged in the database, created an account and found out that the class will start next week. Mercury being retrograde, it wasn't something totally new, but i already knew that i had to start the class and register but didn't know when so i just waited for another email but i had missed that it said on the page that I should register in the database as soon as i accept taking the class so that my place is ensured.

Another thing that happened, was that a friend wrote and I found out that the person returned from a journey. So he did bring this message to me, but as Mercury is retrograde, i found out about the return, i guess. 

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