Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ten of Pentacles - The System / Money

Usually and normally this card appears to tell you that you are about to get some money.

But the card goes further then this and can sometimes mean that you are part of some kind of a system in society and that you have some kind of fixed place in it.

This card can appear in places where it shouldn't appear, and where money is of no importance. But it appears when the system is obvious.

In older types of societies maybe the system wasn't as obvious as it is today and therefore maybe only Waite and other card readers noticed that this card has something to do with family as a whole and one's role in it. Yes the "family" can be extended much further. It is though still difficult for me to visualize this kind of system and what it might mean for each and everyone of us. I leave therefore this card open to interpretations until I am sure. 

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