Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturn in the Fifth House

5th house
Learning Astrology through Experience
Saturn makes everything in our lives serious. With Saturn in the 5th house, you cannot play anymore, and romantic partners are serious as well. Or every game becomes in a way, part of some other kind of bigger structure in society.

The 5th house is the house of romance, fun, pleasure, entertainment, creativity and children. I like the 5th house because it is ruled by the sign of Leo.

But Saturn, the planet of structure and limitation, also helps us make a career and give us a life purpose. Even if this planet, actually, is connected to death.

One of my friends has Saturn in the 5th house right now, as we speak. I know about his problems in love, that didn't actually work out. But what was amazing about it, was that he told me that he is pursuing an education as a teacher at a kindergarten.  Not very wrong, I guess! Another person that I know with Saturn in the 5th house right now, got a job at a celebrity newspaper. How wrong is astrology in this case? Or is it simply coincidence? 

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