Sunday, February 19, 2012

Queen of Pentacles in Tarot

Queen of Pentacles
The Queen of Pentacles means for a woman at least that she will not have any problem with money. At least she will have everything that she needs for herself. But she is also generous and know that we all have a self healing power that she uses in order to heal herself: mentally, psychologically, physically.

This woman can also gain weight, so if it appears it might mean that you will put on some weight in the near future.

Otherwise, it is sometimes hard and difficult to exactly make sense of this card, and it can appear quite often.

It is important to know, even if there is so much talk about the signs of the zodiac, that we have more sides to the personality and that we are all over the tarot cards. If you are an earth sign, but this card appears for you and you are a female, it doesn't necessarily connect it to your sign. In another spread you might appear as the Queen of Swords, that is detached; in another spread you might be the Queen of Cups that is loving and caring and a good friend, and in another spread you might appear as the Queen of Wands, who doesn't let herself be put down but that demands respect and will even behave rudely in order to get her way.

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