Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nine of Wands - Suspicion

Have you ever felt that a catastrophe is around the corner and that you have to be prepared because you might fall in it and become it's victim at any time? Then you understand the meaning of the 9 of wands.

When this card appears, it usually means that you fear the worst and that you might mistrust others. You are always prepared for bad things to happen and you constantly worry about the next thing that might happen.

This card is of course also connected to some type of paranoia, but many attitudes are shaped through experience and have you been robbed once, you might worry and lock your doors and avoid walking home alone especially at night, forever. So it is not a normal attitude.

But either way, the advice in this situation, is to find your inner core and calm and let go of whatever is worrying you to the point where the stress is too big to handle. 

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