Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Moon in the 8th House

The 8th House
Learning astrology through experience
A new moon is a new beginning. But what does a new moon in the 8th house mean?

The 8th house rules transformation, death, inheritance, intimacy and investments. It also rules prime needs, and deep psychological transformation. it rules over one's attachments and there is a need of letting go of old habits. The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and the energy of this sign will penetrate your own soul. According to some astrologers, the 8th house is also the house of deep secrets and sexuality.

You can await a profound change.

Recently i saw that an activist on the New Moon in the 8th house smashed his megaphone, meaning that a new era is about to come into his life. This was a symbolic action, that meant something for him, but also for the people who followed him. Quite interesting and intense.  He was ready to let go of his attachment, but other people weren't. They also had to let go.
In another case, another person, in the wake of the New Moon in the 8th house found that talking about deep concerns often not seen or easily intuited could be put into words and spoken about. The 8th house also rules over intimacy. Relationships deepened on every level.

In another case, a person with the 8th house new moon suddenly got new neighbors after a period of time without any neighbors and this should also mean some kind of beginning as the 8th house rules over "getting closer" and in that way other people got closer to her. At the first glance this New Moon shouldn't be here in a way.. you could expect in this way, a New Moon, in the 4th house for home and family; or a New Moon in the 3d house who rules over neighbors. So it is not impossible that this person has a strong Ascendant in another sign. But it could be so that, the 8th house, could rule over things related to the home and family as well. 

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