Sunday, February 19, 2012

King of Wands - Leadership

The King of Wands is a leader: for better or for worse. He is often connected to companies, but some tarot readers also can connect him to leaderships of countries. But remember though that the King of Pentacles is more connected to the state then the King of Wands is. Think hard, before putting him in the wrong context, or simply connect him to a fire sign. People from all signs can become leaders or managers.

The King of Wands can be charismatic, but he can also get people in the wrong direction. He can be just, but he can also be unfair and evil. It all depends on the situation. If you use reversed cards often, then be careful when this king is reversed. Look at the surrounding cards also, to make sure that he has the right intentions.

In traditional tarot reading, this King, being the absolute male energy, is connected to the soul mate. He will appear as the loving husband. If your husband appears as the King of Swords, he is very detached. 

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