Saturday, December 3, 2011

Virgo Horoscope 2012

Jupiter is in your house of travel and higher education since summer 2011, continuing expand your horizons. Some of you are busy learning new things, other travel often and feel the need to do so, while others are involved in both things. With the planet of energy in your own sign, you have are motivated to pursue your goals and you can accomplish your thing.

Jupiter will arrive in your house of career on June 11, improving your social standing and you will work hard to accomplish your goals. Planet Mars will soon move to your house of income, and you will want during summer to work hard to make more money. Jupiter will expand your opportunities.

Planet Saturn, the great teacher of the zodiac, gives each of us lessons in life that we cannot escape. Saturn might create pressure from others but it will also stabilize things in life. In your second house of income that you earn, money might become an issue, something that started in 2009, when Saturn entered the sign of Libra. You might earn enough but you might also have to spend a lot.

October 5, Saturn will enter the sign of Scorpio, where it will stay 2,5 years. The house of Scorpio is your 3d house of communications, short travel, and relationships with people in your surroundings, including neighbors. You will have trouble and feel limited in your relationships. You will not feel like making any short trips and you might talk less then usual.

Neptune will stay just the first month of 2012 in your house of work, where it has been for the last 13 years, having you working towards goals that your heart desired and helped the ones that got a job in some area of life that really helped them accomplished their dreams.At times co-workers might have been irrational and difficult to trust. Those who didn't have a dream job, might have had difficulty finding a job that they liked. Nevertheless they tended to idealize and feel great with their jobs.

Neptune will move over to your 7th house of relationships the 3d of february 2012. If you already have found the love of your life, it is very good, because in the next 13 years, your love life might become deceptive and it will be difficult to trust other people. They might not be able to trust you either. In some cases you will find partners that will have problems with drugs or medication. You do not want to see either that people can be mean and do bad things. Watch your back during the next 13 years.

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