Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scorpio Horoscope 2012

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will continue to help you build lucky partnerships in work and many good relationships in your private life during the first half of the year.

June 11, the planet of luck, will occupy your 8th house of shared income and you will have luck in business, money from other people, and you might be able to find ways to pay your debts. In your 8th house even your life partner will increase their earnings and therefore it will help you.

With Mars in your 11th house until July 2012, you will have influence over others. Thereafter this planet will move to your 12th house giving you inner strength and drive, that might not always find good ways for expression and can lead to frustration.

Saturn, the great teacher, is hidden in the 12th house of secrets since 2009, and you have more or less not been affected in negative ways by this planet. But the planet will enter your sign October 5, and other people including authorities will put new pressure over you and you will feel questioned. During the next 2,5 years you will go through a personal development that will probably affect the rest of your life. You will mature during the next 2,5 years and realize that certain things might be serious enough. Saturn, being the planet of karma, will also hold you responsible for old wrong doings. During this period of time, you might lose your job or you might not be able to find a job that will give you enough income for you to live a good life. But the planet will also help you to find a ground in life and in yourself on which you can build.

Neptune in your 4th house of roots during the last 13 years have made you idealize where you come from: your roots and your family, and maybe even your nation. February 3d this influence will leave your 4th house and you will stop fooling yourself and others, or the tendency will be of less importance. With Neptune in your 5th house of love, children and creativity, you might idealize children, and true love. Hopefully you will find your soul mate during the next 13 years. People will feel attracted to you, sometimes because of your goodness and sense of naivety and simplicity.

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