Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leo Horoscope 2012

Jupiter is in your 10th house of career and reputation until June 2012. During this time, you will continue to make progress in your career. With Mars in your second house of income, you will be motivated to earn more money. Many opportunities will arise in your life and the way that other people see you will change for the better.

On June 11, Jupiter will enter your 11th house your friends improving your relationship with people. Your social circle will expand. Dreams might come true through others.

Planet Saturn, the great teacher is in your 3d house of communication and transport, and the sing of Libra. Until October 5, this planet will continue to make your relationships with neighbors and people around you difficult. In July 2012 the planet of action, Mars, will enter your third house of communication to keep Saturn company for a while. You could now get yourself into conflicts that can bring bad or good things. You will be very motivated to spread your message around.

From October 5, Saturn will move to your 4th house of home and family and your home and family situation will go through changes. Everything willbecome more structured, ordered in the home; and you will become more serious. In some cases you might have to take care of a relative with poor health. In other cases your expenses for the home will become bigger.

The greatest news of the year for you Leo, is that planet of illusion and deceit, Neptune, will leave your 7th house of relationships, and you will be able during the next 12 years to see others from another point of view. You will be able to tell friend from enemy. And people who are lying might give you a break.

Neptune will move to your 8th house of shared income, where it will stay until 2025. Do not overspend, and watch out because people that you are in business with my try to deceive you. Try to buy things that will last, rather then the cheapest alternative that will soon break.

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