Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cancer Horoscope 2012

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will spend the first 4 month of the year 2012 in your 11th house of friends. You will continue to expand your social life until June 2012.  You will during this time meet new people, belong to new groups, be it through work, school, or politics. You will also be able to dream of things that you earlier didn't know that you could dream about. You will be able to attain some of these dreams with the help of other people.

Planet Mars, will stay in your 3d house of communication until the summer and your contact will people will increase. There are possibility of disputes and trouble with your neighbors and siblings. But the planet will help you to passionately spread your message to people.

On June 11 this majestic planet will enter your 12th house of secrets where it will expand your compassion for other people and where it will help you guard your secrets. Any work done in secret will be kept secret. At the same time, you will find new solutions easily to old problems. Some of the friends that you met during the first half of the year will now become very good friends.

Saturn is in your 4th house of home and family until October 5, making life at home difficult to endure, but probably more stable then before. You might have to take care of other family members during this period of time and your responsibility will become greater. After October 5, Saturn will begin to affect your 5th house of fun, children and creativity. Everything that you will do in this area till be serious. If you create something, it till be done, so that you can earn money for example. A hobby might turn into an occupation. You will not be interested in having fun anymore and your children can be demanding during the next 2,5 years.

Neptune in your 8th house of shared income have been affecting your shared income for the past 13 years, and money, if you have not been careful enough, slipped through your fingers, and you have not been able to save any. Your interest for things that do not last long has been great: you might have bought things that quickly become outdated or that didn't work. You also felt other people want to fool you in money matters, and sometimes you have been very generous and later you regretted it.

Finally Neptune will move to your 9th house, on the 3d of February and the sign of Pisces, where Neptune is at home. Hopefully you will during this time find a life philosophy that will help your spiritual life. You can seek adventure in other cultures and countries and you might idealize new ways of living and strange philosophies of life. Some of you will develop an interest for the occult. 

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