Friday, December 2, 2011

Aries Horoscope 2012

Jupiter in your second house of money will give you expanding opportunities in making money. You will find new ways and it will make you happy.
In June 2012 Jupiter till move to your third house of communication and you will have increasing contact with more and more people, something that will do you good. Your life will not be boring.
Planet Mars in your house of health and work will keep you busy until the summer of 2012.

Saturn is in your 7th house of relationships during almost the whole year, and you will therefore have to deal with stubborn partners.
The 5th of October Saturn will move to your 8th house of shared income and resources. Other peoples problems can now affect you in a negative way till the end of the year. Saturn is the great teacher, and the quicker you learn his lesson the smoother it goes.

Neptune is when the year begins in your 11th house of groups. You might end making pretty strange friends. You will have difficulty knowing what you wish for in life or might have the wrong impression about other people; for example you might think that you are right but everyone else is wrong.
On the 3d of February 2012, Neptune will move to your 12th house of secrets. Here Neptune is home. It will enter the sign of Pisces. Now it is about time to come full circle and get rid of all illusions and see through every truth. The only one that can fool you, is you, yourself, cause you might want to close your eyes and not see the truth.

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