Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Relationship Astrology: Look up where your partner has the Moon to know their needs

Relationship astrology

It is important to know that when you talk about relationship astrology, you are talking about relationships with anyone that you have or will have a relationship with. We are not referring to romantic relationships only, even though, those might for many of us, be very important too, and interesting.  You might also have important relationships with many other people that will affect your life: your brothers and sisters, you parents, your friends, your boss and co-workers. If you understand astrology, it can help you have better relationships with anyone.  You can understand what motivates people when you look at their birth charts.  You can understand when you look at the birth chart, what that person needs.

The four elements of astrology

People are divided in four groups in astrology: earth, air, water and fire.
The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These people are pragmatic. They are responsible, stable, and steady. They are the builders of the zodiac and you can call these people the salt of the earth.  They help create stability in the world.
The air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  These are the thinkers of the zodiac. They are very intellectual, the mental signs. They can think, and be rational and not get overwhelmed by the feelings. These are the people who come up with the brilliant ideas.
The water signs are Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.  Water signs are in general extremely emotional, intuitive and sometimes very sensitive; sometimes hypersensitive. They are the feelers of the zodiac.
The fire signs are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. They are creative; they want action, and passion.  They want to do things.
In relationships Earth is compatible with all other earth signs and water. Air is compatible with all air signs and fire.
This doesn’t mean that a Taurus never will date a Leo. And it is because, in astrology, we are so much more than our sun sign.

Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars

The Moon sign is also very important. It shows what you need. If you understand someone else’s moon you can understand what they need and how they operate. Fulfilling that need, you go a long way nurturing that relationship.
For a woman, if you want to see the qualities that she seeks in a man, you must study her sun sign and the Mars sign.
For a man you must study his moon sign that will tell you what he wants in a woman. Venus paints the rest of the picture. For a man, if you study the Venus sign, you know what his ideal woman is. This is the type of woman that he will be physically attracted to. But it is the moon sign that will tell you what he really needs. Even if he meets a woman that is compatible to his Venus, he will end up marrying a woman that is more compatible to his moon. If he has to choose, the Moon is going to win in the end.
The Venus has importance also for women, and it tells how you go about attracting a man. But for a man, it is the type of woman that he will be attracted to.
Understanding the persons Mars, will give you an idea about what motivates a person and what drives him or her.
When you understand these three things:  Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars sign, you can improve your relationships.

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