Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Horoscope December 2011

The month begins with misunderstandings of all sorts, but after the 13th everything goes back to normal. That is because the planet of communication, Mercury, is retrograde during the first two weeks of the month. Mercury retrograde can also create technical problems. Three things are important for you this month: your studies, your career and your social life. During the first 3 weeks studies and career, and in the end of the month, your social life. You might therefore have fun on Christmas and New Years Eve. When it comes to love and relationships, there is no preoccupation. Your health is not an issue either. You seem fine. If you study or have papers to fill in or speeches to make, have everything ready on the 10th with the full moon in Gemini. Do not start any new project, especially written or spoken statements before the 24th, because after the New Moon, chances for success is greater. Jupiter, in your house of finances, is retrograde until the 25th of December, giving you time to ponder your economic situation and what might improve it. After the 25th new ideas come forwards and during the first half of 2012, Jupiter will expand your possibilities. Mars, the planet of action, in your 6th house of work, helps you accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Send your intentions to the Universe as the Year ends, and manifest them during 2012.

Nothing is as interesting as your love life is during this month of december 2011, with important planets in your 8th house of intimacy. Some planets are in the 9th house that makes international contacts and studies important. Are you learning another language? Or are you looking for love in another country? You are also making deals with people in other countries, and they go well. Your financial luck comes mainly due to other people: be it revenues on the stock market, your partner or tax money returns. Yes, you might even consider a bank loan. For some of you, during this time, you must, if you have a business of your own, pay your taxes and put your balance in order, something that you can do during the first 2 weeks, while Mercury, the planet of communication is retrograde. You are creative in the end of the month, due to Venus and Neptune in the 10th house of career, Mars in the 5th house of creativity and Jupiter in your own sign. You are developing your abilities and you understand for the first time that you have many riches in yourself that you can put to good use and make money on them. Don’t isolate yourself during the holidays. Spend the end of the year with the ones that are dear to you.

Relationships with people close to you are more important during the month of December 2011. Most of the happenings take place during the first week of the month and until the 13th, Mercury retrograde can create misunderstandings. Around the 10th a relationship might become stable or even end. Saturn, the great teacher, is now in your relationship zone, making your partners demanding and serious. If you are still single, wait to meet something new after the 24th, during Christmas. Jupiter in the 12th house will open your mind and heart after the 25th when Jupiter retrograde period is over. Mars, the planet of action and war, is in your 4th house of home and family, increasing the risk of conflicts and problems in the home. Channel this energy properly: Move some furniture. You are likely to celebrate New Year’s Eve with other people, or friends.

A very active month is in store for you, especially in the area of communication that mainly has to do with your job. The month begins with good things and bad things, both at work and in your private life. Until the 13th of December, misunderstandings and sometimes conflicts are common, due to Mercury retrograde. You can even experience technical problems. After the 13th gradually people begin to understand each other. An important decision at work must be made around the 10th, with the full moon in Gemini. During Christmas time you are likely to meet a new partner, in business of in love. It is not so good to start new relationships before the 24th-25th, before the New Moon, because it won’t last. During holidays, career and social standing are on your mind, with the Moon in the 10th house. Make important contacts during that time. It will benefit you during 2012.

You are very creative during the month of December with Mercury and the sun in your 5th house. Romance is also on your mind and you seek pleasure and fun. You might also want to spend time with children, and care for their needs: Buy them Christmas presents that they like. Even if romance is something that you like, and you might flirt with one or two, you know that love can create misery, because of past experiences. You might not like to trust anyone right now. Neptune in your 7th house of partnerships might have taught you a few lessons during the past 12 years or so. Open yourself to trust and love on a different level after the 3d of February 2012, as Neptune will leave your partnership zone. Until then stay cool. Mercury, the planet of Communication is retrograde until the 13th. During this time, you might experience misunderstandings and technical problems. Sign important papers after the 13th. Make an important decision regarding your love life or your children, or any creative project the 10th of December, with the full moon in Gemini. The planet of ambition and action is in your second house of income and you might have the energy to pursue any goal that is supposed to increase your assets and money. With Jupiter in your 10th house of career, many possibilities to increase your status arise. Pursue new goals after the 24th and the New Moon in Capricorn. You are most likely to celebrate the winter holidays in strange circumstances, among strangers, and with people from other countries.

During the first 13 days of the month of December 2011, the communication planet, Mercury, is retrograde. Do not travel so much during this time and know that some problems related to technology might arise. The problems will most likely arise in home and family matters, and most events, some happy, some not so happy, will take place during the first 5 days of the month. On the 10th of December an important decision related to your family life must be taken. After the 22th your love life becomes more important. Pluto in the 5th house of romance makes love life intense. If you still are single, or unhappy in your relationship, you might meet someone during Christmas. Do not start any relationship before the 24th. New Year’s Eve will find you either in love or longing for the perfect love relationship.

The whole month is about communication. You are writing, talking, presenting, and reading. Home and family life are also interesting with interesting developments. But during the 13th, communication will be at times erratic and misunderstandings are likely to arise because Mercury, the planet of communication is retrograde. If you study the 10th will mark the end of an important phase. It is also likely that around the same date, you might feel the urge to tell your family what you think about the whole situation, even if you are not the type to be sincere with folks, but might like to keep things to yourself and endure. You might feel like you are in jail. You would like to have less responsibility and more freedom. Until the 24th, do not make important decisions in your relationship. If you are single, you might meet a life partner during Christmas time. In your home, the situation might improve and the 29th is a happy day for family life. You are most likely to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with your loved ones. Hopefully you will not separate, but if you have too, do it.

During the month of December, there is a lot to tell other people around you. You want to manipulate them; you want them to believe what you have to say. You might work in sales, politics, as a teacher, journalist, writer, or you might have an important message that you want to spread around you. Your might also be more popular, or want to achieve something to your advantage, and you will have to assure others that it is the right thing to do. You do not like working according to routines nor rules, but would like to make your own rules. Even if money is not the most important thing in the world right now, you have to take a decision that has to do with money on the 10th. New project can very well start during the Christmas holydays when you have an audience. You will want to improve your home environment after the 20th. Maybe you buy a nice Christmas tree and some decorations. You are most likely to end the year working.

As both Sun and Mercury is in your sign now, you are likely to become the center of attention. But you might want to use these qualities of yours, including increased communication skills, to make advances in your career and climb another step on the social ladder. With the planet of action, Mars in your 10th house you are motivated to work hard and improve your social standing, and gain a promotion. But the same active energy of Mars, can create some tensions in relationships with your bosses or other important people that can help you in your career. Most things happen during the first 5 days of the month. Thereafter big events are not as likely. Until the 13th expect erratic communication and misunderstandings. Do not sign any papers or make major agreements during this time. Important opportunities in career will appear after the 24th and the 29th might be one of those lucky days for your work life. With the moon in your 5th house of romance and pleasure during both Christmas and New Years Eve, you are likely to have a lot of fun in the end of the year.

Do you have many negative thoughts? Deep emotional issues troubling you? There might be something that you are not telling other people about. You might speak in secret about your problems, and you might have secret meetings with people that you do not want anyone else to know about. With Pluto in your sign, you might at times be pushy and intimidate other people. But now, with Venus at your side, that scary intensity might lose its power, especially during the first 20 days of the month. You start to buy new things for Christmas after the 20th, when Venus enters your second house of money. You might buy some make up, some new clothes, and some decorations for your home. Mercury is retrograde during the first 13 days of the month, making misunderstandings more common. Regarding your health, make an important decision around the 10th, because the full moon in Gemini might require that of you. Do you have new ideas for new projects? Begin them during Christmas when you have to meet people that might inspire you. You might even have thoughts to emigrate, to move, to change the environment, at least for a while. But you are likely to spend the holidays at home.

Social life activity increases during this month, and many things happen. You might meet people, join groups, meet groups, and many people might want to see you. The first five days of the month are most important, and both good things and bad things happen. Important events are rarer during the rest of the month. During the first 2 weeks of the month Mercury retrograde might create misunderstandings and problems with communication. On the 10th you might want to make a decision that has to do with your social life, maybe regarding who to include, who to exclude. Secret meetings might also take place. Some of your inner drive might be intense but there might not be easy to know why you feel the way you feel. Are you becoming a control freak, or are you becoming more aware of this tendency in your personality? Start new meetings during the new moon, on the 24th. You might also notice that your charisma increases after the 20th when Venus enters your sign. You will spend your holidays probably with the same group of neighbors and close friends. You can expect many discussions.

How you want to be seen by others in December 2012 is an important issue for you. You might want more attention from your boss; you might seek rewards for your work and depending on your occupation, you might also seek fame. It is likely that the first 5 days of the month will bring about both happy and not so happy moments. Important events will be rare during the rest of the month. Mercury is also retrograde, creating some trouble and misunderstandings, sometimes, technical problems. On the 10th, circumstances force you to make an important decision regarding your home and family life. You are also more eager to spread your message during this month: you want everyone to know what your point of view is. With both Venus and Pluto in your 11th house of groups, you might use provocative thought challenging messages to affect other people. After the 25th, when Jupiter turns direct, you will have more luck regarding groups of people. Meeting people during holidays might create new opportunities for your advancement. You will probably spend your holidays depending on your budget, depending on what surprises Uranus, in the second house of income has created for you.

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