Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your Wish is Your Command, 5 free secrets unknown in The Secret

I am very intrigued about the new CD-set, "Your Wish is Your Command", because the CDs are supposed to hold secrets or ingredients that are not known or revealed in The Secret, and I found three of them, totally free from a group a friends, on YouTube and I am ready to share.
1. Trusting that everything comes at the perfect time. In other words, no dead lines.
2. There is a deeper level to what we want. A thing makes us feel a certain way. It might be the feeling that we will receive by the Universe. Therefore we might get to experience the feeling in another way then we initially think that we will. If we want for example a certain watch because that might make us feel good and experience what is like to have a certain status, we might experience that in another way, and therefore not get the watch but the experience.
3. If you do not feel excitement when you wish something, you will repel it. Wish for what you think that you deserve. Start with something that you can believe that you can have, and that also makes you feel good. Be passionate about what you want to have or to manifest.

In another video, i even found a forth and fifth secret that is not told in "The Secret".
4. Remember your wishes, and that you have to receive them. Believe that you deserve it and open up to it.
5. Your manifestations are an extension of yourself.

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