Thursday, September 1, 2011

Competition vs. Collaboration... with Gregg Braden

A big shift towards more collaboration is happening right now, away from Darwin's idea, that is talking about the "Survival of the Fittest", an idea that has survived among others those people who believe in genetics and evolution. Darwin's claim of the survival of the fittest 150 years ago , in 1859, was a claim based on his observation in nature that he generalized to all animals and all life, including human beings. But what helps us survive, if not collaboration? Darwin's theory is a false scientific assumption. Much of the scientific research shows that nature is not based on competition but on collaboration and mutual aid, says Gregg Braden in an interview. So, why do we care? If we embrace the same old idea, and base our life and our future on that idea, that if we win, that means that we survive, we will only create the same competition, the same wars, the same poverty that some of the people still experience in the world. If we collaborate and practice mutual aid, we can change the world.

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