Friday, June 10, 2011

Sun in Gemini and the Night Sky: When is the Gemini Constellation visible?

I have spent some nights on a space where you can see all the stars night time. It is a beautiful place in nature. Having nothing special to do, I was wondering where the Gemini Constellation is and what does it look like? When i got home, I looked for pictures to see if i have spotted the Gemini constellation right: To my surprise, I realized that the constellation that I saw must be that of Sagittarius and not of Gemini, and that the constellation of Gemini is seen only winter time, around the time when the great Orion is visible.

So, what is the reason?
The reason has to do with the placement of the Earth and the Sun. The Earth circles around the Sun and it takes 12 month (and 12 signs) to go full circle. While the Sun spends time in a certain sign, the earth is just in the opposite side of the sky.

Therefore: You can see the constellation of Sagittarius when the Sun is in Gemini and you can see the constellation of Gemini while the Sun is in Capricorn.

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