Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shaman's Journey: Enter an altered state of mind

Ryan Taylor Anderson Invites you to come along..
The Tungus tribe of ancient Mongolia where Shamanism started created the Journey.
By using a wind horse or sonic driver (the drum), one is able to enter an altered state of mind.
One journeys to the 3 realms: Upper, Middle and Lower for Spiritual guidance and advice.
The spirits we meet in a shamanic journey is that of an animal. They are known as a Power Animal or as a Totem Spirit. The drum plays the eagle bear (180 bpm) to open the mind into altered states of being.
In order to achieve this state of mind, simply close your eyes. Focus on the steady rhythm of the drum.
Journey along with the drum in order to meet your guides. If you've never journeyed simply close your eyes and focus on the steady rhythm. Meditate on the drums repetitive beating - see the pulse of light matching the beat and journey to wherever your spirit takes you... Embrace your journey and the world you are creating: It's your world.  Take your time when returning.

Ready? It's time for you to click the button of the player (don't forget your head phones).

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