Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jupiter in Taurus, 4th June 2011

Picture: Art Gallery by Zenn and Kenji
From Aries to Taurus. Jupiter changes sign. Depending on the sign, we will all be affected differently, because Jupiter will find itself in different houses for every sign.

As Taurus stands for values and money, the material, and Jupiter stands for expansion and exaggeration, the planet as a whole will want more, spend more, and get fatter. At the same time, the wealth will increase, so everyone will become a bit richer and own more things.

Aries: You will earn more and appreciate more what you already have.

Taurus: Jupiter will boost your confidence to the point of arrogance. You will also see opportunities easier.

Gemini: The lesson will be to see consistency in what you do and say. Stability and immobility are two different things.

Cancer: New friends on your contact list will expand your social life.

Leo: Your career will expand and you will have more success, both because of confidence and luck.

Virgo: Education will be on the spotlight. You will learn more.

Libra: Your exchanges between yourself and other people will stabilize themselves. Relationships will be mutual: give and take.

Scorpio: You will learn that stability and ease have their value. A long term relationships will be created or find stability.

Sagittarius: Both health and wealth will increase. You will break the code that will reveal the patterns that makes your health and cash flow suffer.

Capricorn:  Your creative energy will expand significantly.

Aquarius: You will have harmonious relationships with other family members. 

Pisces: Jupiter will expand your luck in general, with no particular boundaries. 

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