Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Deja Vu - Ever wondered what scientists say about it?

There is some clinical interest in deja vu. Not because some scientists believe that there is anything mystical with it, but because some people have so much deja vu, that it becomes disturbing.
People that have deja vus often have the impression of seing something for the second time and the feeling is both very strong and very real.
Scientists discovered after a while, that not only people that can see, have deja vus, so it doesn't have anything to do with the nerve impulses that will connect the eye to the brain, but even blind people experience deja vus.
They experience it through other senses: touch, smell and sound.
In order to understand deja vus, scientists have tried to induce it through the use of hypnosis.
First, they showed kids some words.
Second, they hypnotized them, so they forgot them.
Third, the kids were shown the words that they had to learn.
Some of them, when seeing the words, said it felt kind of like deja vu. The rest of the kids thought that it was definitely deja vu.
What conclusion did the scientists come up with? Well, that deja vu, happens, when "familiarity patterns" are disrupted in our brains.
But thinking about how the experiment was done, I can't help but think that it also plausible that deja vu could actually be something that one has experienced but forgotten...It opens up the possibility for more mystical explanations as well.

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