Friday, March 4, 2011

Interesting nine card tarot spread

Sometimes one just gets tired of the same old same old celtic cross, even if the Celtic Cross is actually the easiest card spread that once mastered will not give the interpreter much problems. Here is though a new spread that I found, consisting of 9 cards.

1. The Far Past
2. The Near Past
3. Current Situation
4. Known influences on the current situation
5. Unknown influences on the current situation
6. Probable outcome
7. Advice to ensure/overcome probable outcome
8.  Advice to ensure/overcome probable outcome
9.  Advice to ensure/overcome probable outcome

There are lots of advice cards in the end of this spread, that is supposed to help the questioner achieve the best solution and get the best outcome. According to the book Tarot & Magick, by Craig and Geer, one should, when laying out the cards, either make one's mind blank or keeping a certain question in mind. Another advice from the writers of this book, is to never put responsability on the cards through the question, but on oneself. Therefore, in stead of asking: "Should I travel to Paris?" one should ask "What will be the outcome if I go to Paris?"

I did a card spread for myself, and here are the cards that I got:
  1. Knight of Swords (far past) - debate, arguments
  2. The Empress (near past) - creativity
  3. 7 of Swords (present situation) - diplomacy, pretender, thief, manipulation
  4. 2 of Wands (known influences) - power struggle, distance 
  5. 2 of Swords (unknown influences) - stalemate, indifference
  6. Knight of Pentacles (probable outcome) - proving oneself, hard work
  7. 10 of cups (advice) - family
  8. Queen of Pentacles (advice) - attachment to money
  9. Queen of Cups (advice) - love
I think that this is an interesting spread, as there are 2 twos and 2 queens and 2 knights. If anyone can figure it out, please comment and give me your opinion. My question was "How will this situation of mine turn out in the end?"

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