Saturday, March 5, 2011

Enemy Spread with Tarot

Have you ever felt that your life is somewhat created and shaped by other people or of the surrounding circumstances, no matter how much personal power you might develop or how much you try? Are these societal, social-psychological, situational powers, too strong for you to handle? Or do you maybe think, that you might have enemies? This spread will shed light on your situation, where other people or the situation destroys your life...

1. Who or what is creating problems for me?
2. What is their or "the" reason.

3. In who's or what name do these people/energy work?
4. How will these people or circumstances affect me long term?
5. What influence in the past did create the circumstances?
6. What would make these people stop from hurting me? or What would change this situation into a better one?
7. Who are my allies?
8. What is the advice of the cards?
9. How will this situation develop in the future?
10. Will this situation change or end?

Interpretation of the cards in the spread, as an example: 
Note that this is just my interpretation and the spread might be interpreted differently by somebody else, and i can't wait listening to your opinions.
1. Page of Wands: The page of wands, is seen as a trouble maker sometimes, because they are immature and can really get on somebody's nerves, but the page of wands is also related to work. Your enemy is probably related to work, their job, or at your job.
2. 8 of swords: Their reason is keeping you in the dark. Keeping you alone, marginalize, they don't want that you see the truth.
3. 3 of swords: Their goal, and intention is to produce damage, hurt you.
4. 3 of wands: The effect will be that you will try to look for more alternatives.
5. 2 of cups: In the past, somebody got connected to you in an intimate way. This card suggests a meeting, an intimate connection made.
6. Knight of Swords: This people will stop hurting you when you will speak up and you will fight for your rights. It's ok to have a big mouth and to teach others about your experience, debating publicly about everything that is happening.
7. King of Swords: You allies is on one side knowledge and intelligence, that you posses, but also people related to ethics, ideology , and justice.
8. 10 of pentacles: The advice of the cards is money. Maybe looking after your finances.
9. 4 of wands: It looks like in the future, you will succeed to make yourself free.
10. 7 of cups: The situation and the problem rising a lot of uncertainty, there are many unknown factors in the situation.

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