Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Whip in the Lenormands

The Whip is a dangerous card because it is connected to violence and abusive behavior. There is always a connection to sexuality in the card, yet there is a sign that something is not healthy when the whip appears, even if the person consulting the cards might want healthy passion in the relationship.

The person with the whip might even be a sexual fanatic and become a stalker.

The Whip is number 11 in the Lenormand cards. The deck doesn't seem to have a lot of correlation to the tarot cards, or most cards don't, yet, in tarot, nr. 11 is Justice, that can also be a negative card at times.

When somebody beats somebody else with a whip, there is a kind of rhythm in it. Therefore, when the whip appears, something might repeat itself, several times. An example is taking a test that one fails several times.

The Whip + The Horseman = Revenge.
The Whip + The Heart = Passionate relationship.
The Whip + The Dog = Sexual partner, loyal sexual partner (sometimes a stalker).

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