Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today's 3 card reading with the Lenormand - Ship, Garden, Coffin

I asked what will happen today and i drew three cards. I don't know if i like them, but here is the result:
The Ship = Travel. Things happening far away. Business. Advancement. Purchase.
The Garden = Social gathering, social life, a group, people.
The Coffin = Disease, Death, Illness, End, Great Pain.

The Ship and the Garden means traveling with other people or exotic places and people. Another interpretation would be social advancement or some purchase in a public place / or a public space.
The garden and the Coffin might mean something of a funeral or an ending or some social event that goes bad. Another interpretation would be a support system or a group of people that are in pain or that suffer from an illness.  
The Ship and the Coffin can mean an interrupted journey or maybe sea sickness (according to some records). 

UPDATE: I finally understand what these combo might be about. The ship and the garden must be the new group (support and activism) page I set up. 

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