Monday, January 17, 2011

Romani Spread - Lenormand - and how to read it

The Romani Spread can be used for both males and females with Lenormand Cards, normal Playing Cards or Tarot Cards, for a comprehensive reading.

When you use the Lenormands in a reading, you want to choose a significator. If the reading is done for a woman, you choose the The Lady and start your reading there. If the reading is for a man, you choose the Gentleman. Usually the Lady in man's spread is an influential woman in his life and the Gentleman in a woman's spread is an influential man in her life. The Lady and the Gentleman form a couple, and the cards that lie between the Lady and the Gentleman usually show what will happen between the too. 

In the reading below, the questioner is a woman. Usually, when you do a reading like this, you start the reading around the significator, in this case the Lady. It can also be useful to see what lies "behind" and "before" the Lady. In classical cards, the lady would look in the future and put her back to what she has left behind. Because the cards have been changed, the future can in a reading start after lady. Sometimes, there can be uncertainty about what's the past and what's the future, you look at the issue you want to know about and when you look at the cards around, you can make sense of it. Will the outcome be positive or negative? If you want to know about Love, you look around the Heart, if you want to know about the home, you look around the House, if you want to know about marriage, you look around the Ring, if you want to look into social life and friends you look at what lies around the Dog (friend, loyalty) and the Garden. You can also check the health you look at cards like the Coffin, the Tree and eventually the Cross

1. Purpose: Fish. The card has several interpretations. One, is a rich man that can be manipulative and corrupt. Another one is business. Another one, is a businessman. The Lady might be interested in business or might be in her purpose hindered or helped by a business man or a powerful person that can be manipulative.
2. Accomplishment: Whip. The card is about violence, and sometimes passion. It could mean that the Lady has been punished by her accomplishments. 

The Fish and the Whip might mean that the woman is in her career hindered or punished by a powerful manipulative evil man. Another interpretation might be that her accomplishments in business and career are difficult and painful.

3. Recognition: Ship. The ship is about travel over long distances, things happenings far away, but also about a person's career. The Lady might get recognition from a career, maybe involving far away places. It can even be a business online. 
4. Expectation: Heart. The heart is about love. In this case, the Lady would expect a romantic relationship.
5. Speculation: House. The Lady might look for a house or speculate that she might have a family. 
6. Wishes and desires: Horseman. The horseman is either good news, a visitor or a new love often involving a person that lives in another country or that comes from another culture. 

Heart, House and Horseman might mean that the Lady wishes to have a visitor from another country that will be her love and maybe somebody that she will have a family with. Even the ship means far away lands, usually over sea. The object for her love and affection or the love and affection she hopes for, is far away.

7. Wrongs and injustices: Key. The key is about solutions in general. In this position, the card suggests that she found the key or the solution to some of the wrongs and injustices in her life. 
8. Ingratitude: Clover. Ingratitude might not seem a problem either, or that this problem will eventually pass in a very short time. The Key at the left might even confirm that problems are not that big. 
9. Contacts: Gentleman. The man in the Ladies life is somebody she had already met probably. She is in contact with him. He also faces her in the reading, something that reinforces the fact that she already knows him. 

10. Losses and reverses: Clouds. The losses and reverses, occupied by the Clouds, means that there is uncertainty surrounding the Gentleman, the Lady's friend. Nonetheless, his presence in her life, might mean that he is also seen as some luck (even if it short lived). 
11. Problems: Moon. Feelings. The occult. 
12. Possessions: Flower. The lady has a work of art in her possession. 

13. Joy: Tree. The Lady is healthy and doesn't have any psychological problems. That gives her joy. What holds her grounded might also be the joy of living. 
14. Love and Affection: Letter. Her love and affection is often reflected in communication by email or written letters. 
15. Welfare: Stars. Positive thinking and beautiful dreams might pay off. 

16. Matrimony: Snake. When it comes to marriage, there might be an enemy. 
17. Worries: Child. The lady might be worried about a child, but also by her naivety. The child can also mean something very small, a small object, but that it is of importance. 
18. Harmony: Lilies. The Lady might find harmony in tradition and the old way of living. 

19. Windfalls: Fox. Some luck might come from her job. 
20. Dishonesty: Mice. There are trouble makers in her life, and they are dishonest liers. 
21. Opposition: Tower. She might have opposition from authority figures. 
These three cards might also show authority figures in the Ladies life that create problems. Both the fox and the mice might be destructive people in her life. The tower connects them to authority. 

22. Presents: Storks. Storks talk about change. The Ladies greatest gift might be change. This card is also very close to the woman, meaning that change is imminent in her life. 
23. Friendships: Lady. The Lady has herself as her best friend. 
24. Advancement: Garden. The lady might have the chance of advancement in the public eye. 
The storks, Lady and Garden might also mean some changes in the ladies social life. 

25. Cooperation: Bear. Money, big brother, a boss. 
26. Undertakings: Coffin. Putting an end to something.
27. Circumstances: Dog. Friendship and loyalty. 

28. Sorrow: Sun. Sun is about happiness. There is no sorrow in her life. 
29. Appreciation: Cross. The cross is a cross to bear, it is about karma, it is about hardship coming from fate. In this position, the cross might mean that there is no appreciation in the Ladies life, because of bad luck or because of karmic influences. 
30. Scandal: Ring. The ring is about marriage. A scandal might hinder the Lady from marrying. 

31. Future projects: Birds. She might have two projects at once or a project that she will start with another person.
32. Affluence: Scythe. There will be pain connected to her.
33. Neglect: Mountain. There is a huge obstacle that she might neglect.

34. Awards: Book. Dark secrets. The award could be finding out somebodies dark secrets.
35. Influence and power: Anchor. The anchor is something long lasting.
36. Health: Roads. Difficulty choosing. 

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